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Purchasing an Email List is not only costly besides making your whole email marketing campaign a futile exercise. Mainly because most of the addresses were bogus, other from closed or expired domains and plenty of them were those who got repeated emails warning you to BLACK LIST you, your website, email addresses or IP addresses. Email list provider or bulk email sender service providers supply you unsorted email list or send email shorts to those people who are not mainly related or interested in your services or products. Each business is different and needs to be advertised differently. (Each business is different and so is the market/customer to be sold).

Here is a solution.

Create your own Database

Email Database provider search randomly. Sending email to millions who may not be interested or relevant to your product or services is useless. The results of such email marketing are wastage of time and money. Use an Email Extractor able to do targeted search and fully customizable as per your needs. It can search email addresses of your choice with less effort and time. I am using Cute Web Email Extractor. This is cheaper than spending on getting huge email database.

Get Validated Email addresses

Sending Email to those Bogus or closed domains bring lots of load to your server. Cute Web Email Extractor has built-in email address domain validation feature. You can validate domain part of email addresses on your search completion)It will search only active email address without duplicate. Be Focused Approach the persons you think are interested in your product or services. Make your search more precise using Extractor through keyword e.g. you are a big raw fruit provider your target market will be Fruit supplier or processing industry. You can delimit your search within a city or a country according to your need. Do not annoy people at an Educational institution or a software house by sending your Email. Make a list of your own according to your requirement. Your target market will be different every time if you have more than one product or services.

Search for Leads

When you want to properly email a big market, you need a few thousand fresh contacts i.e CEO, CFO, CTOP of a company etc. You may use some professional social sites. I use LinkedIn Sales Navigator quite a lot. It is a powerful tool, when used correctly. You can search your local or far-away connections by industry, country, job-title, and so on. Getting contact this way takes long. A series of social media extractors are available on the web. Choose one of them as per your needs as we are using "LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor" and we find it best for our needs.

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