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Why Data Collection Is Important For Business Growth?

2020 is destined to be a web scraping year. Companies compete against each other with massive data collected from multiple websites— it may be phone number, email address, or any other contact details. Therefore, you need to build up your data assets in order to be successful and to beat your competitors.
Many businesses and industries are still unaware of the importance of the data. A survey conducted in 2017 indicates that 53% of the enterprises are using Big data strategy to grow their businesses. Among the rest with data-driven businesses, only a small percentage have achieved some success. One of the main reasons is due to the minimal understanding of data technology or lack of resources.
Thus, a web data extractor is an essential key to the establishment of a data-driven business strategy. You can use Python, Selenium, and PHP to scrape the websites but you need programming skills to scrape websites by Python, PHP, etc. But, you don’t need to worry, there are many data scraping tools like Google Map Extractor, Cute Web Phone number extractor ,Cute Web Email extractor , Top Lead Extractor that doesn’t need any programming to use them and you can scrape data from websites with a single click of a mouse. As a bonus, it is great if you are proficient in programming.
Scrape Local And international Business data From Google Maps These all tools are best for a specific purpose like Phone Number Scraper can scrape phone numbers from thousands of websites without coding, Email Extractor can scrape emails from targeted websites, Top Lead Extractor can scrape both emails and phone numbers from multiple websites, and, Google Maps Data Extractor can scrape businesses data from Google Maps. Google Maps Scraper is the best to scrape local businesses as well as international businesses. Let's discuss the Google Maps Crawler.

Scrape Local And International Businesses Data From Google Maps With Google Map Extractor

Google Maps lead Extractor is the most used, most trusted, and powerful web scraper for Google maps with comprehensive features. Google Maps Grabber simulates the human scraping process, as a result, the entire scraping process is super easy and smooth to operate. It’s ok if you have no idea about programming.
The Google Places Scraper is easy to use, you don’t need a single string of code to use it. You can scrape business data for any country, any city, any town given in the Google Maps. You can scrape phone numbers, website links, business hours, social media links, and much more given on a business listing.
You just have to type the business name for the targeted location and Google Maps Contact Extractor will find all the results from Google Maps and after that, you have to click on the start extraction button. After extraction, you can save all the collected data in CSV, Excel, and Text formats. Thanks to Google maps Data Miner, this is definitely a time-saving feature.

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