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What are the limitations of "Cute Web Email Extractor"?

Software do not support data extraction from images, AJAX, and sites requiring authentication.

What is "Crawl Depth Level"?

Maximum levels below root page to crawl. If value is 0, the homepage will be crawled but none of its links will be crawled. If the level is 1, the homepage and its links will be crawled but none of the links links will be crawled.
Crawl depth is the extent to which a extractor extract the pages within a website. Most sites contain multiple pages, which in turn can contain subpages. The pages and subpages grow deeper in a manner similar to the way folders and subfolders (or directories and subdirectories) grow deeper in computer storage.

What are "Number of Processes"?

"Number of processes" means how many concurrent threads will be opened. The more "Number of processes" the more processing speed will be used and more pages will be crawled. Please note that software can open maximum 2 concurrent connections per website.

Can we use the same license on multiple computers?

No we are selling license per computer. However you can change computer by installing software on new computer and sending its serial key to us generate new license.

Is the software license permanent or for limited period?

Software license is yearly based and support and updates are free through out the year.

How many email addresses can be extracted in one day?

It varies depending on the following:
  • Internet speed
  • Computer speed
  • Number of processes allowed on the software
  • Number of concurrent connections allowed per website
  • Availability of email addresses on website
  • website(s) Server response time
  • Software configurations

Cute Web Email Extractor alerts about new updates?

Yes software automatically checks for new update and prompt you to get permission install updates automatically. If you allow the software to update then it automatically update the software with the latest version without any intervention.

Sometimes software stops without extracting anything on search engine. What is the reason for it?

This happens on Google search engine when you do too much keywords search queries again and again within limited time. In such situations Google blocks the software for 3 to 4 hours. But you can use alternate search engine like Bing or can use proxy server.
LinkedIn Extractor Settings

Can we do search for specific country websites on Search Engine?

You you can limit your search to specific country by using country level filters. Email Extractor Country Level Filters

Does Cute Web Email Extractor software support proxy server?

Yes software support proxy server. See screenshot how to add proxy settings: Email Extractor Proxy Settins

How many proxies can you added in Cute Web Email Extractor?

You can add as many proxies as you wish. Software do not have any limit.

Can we set delay per request in the software?

Yes you can set delay per request or random delay in case of search engine requests. See where to set delay: Email Extractor Crawl Settings

What is "user agent" in "crawl settings" tab?

User Agent string tells the webserver about operating system, and browser type.

How to clear profiles history so that all the profiles should be extracted in the current search results in LinkedIn?

It depends on your search queries. If you optimize search queries then any search engine can give good results. You can optimize your queries in advance search:
Email Extractor Advanc Search

How can we remove any URL or website from search list?

See the below screenshot. You can add any URL or website in "Don not crawl" in settings. Email Extractor Do not crawl URL

How to filter specific pages on any website?

See the below screenshot to filter specific page. For example you want to fetch data for mobile phone category for "Lahore" city and search URL is "" then you have to add "lahore/mobile-phones/" in filter list. You detail page is "" and keyword to recognize detail page is "/item/". Email Extractor Filer URL Settings

How to replace any text on the crawled page before extracting data from it?

You can do it in settings. See screenshot how to: Email Extractor Replace Text

How to remove text from crawled page before data extraction?

You can do it in settings. See screenshot how to: Email Extractor Remove Text

Can we apply keywords list so that data will extract only if any of those keywrods exists on the page?

Yes you can do it in software settings. See screenshot
Email Extractor Page must have

How to activate full version of Email Extractor software?

To activate full version of the software, just click on "Activate Full Version" button on software toolbar and pop-up will open then click on "Buy Registration" button and it will bring you to purchase page as shown in below screenshot:
Email Extractor Activate Full Version

Where I can see detail prices of the software?

Click here to see prices detail.

Is it possible to recover extracted emails if software crashes or unexpected power failure happen?

If you have enabled Auto-Save option in settings then you can recover extracted profiles:
Email Extractor Last Save
Just click the menu item as shown below:
Search Engine

What are export formats in Email Extractor software?

You can export your data in .xlsx, .csv,(opens in excel) .txt files.

How to purchase the software?

You can purchase software through our online payment system via Credit, Paypal. You can also send amount through "Western Union", "Moneygram". If you want to send amount through "Western Union", "Moneygram" then contact us.

How do I renew my license?

When your software license will expire then software will show you message like "You registration has been expired. Please renew your registration". Then you just follow as you purchased first time:
Activate Full Version

What are the payment methods to purchase online?

Paypal, Credit Card, Moneygram, Western Union.

Why I am getting message "You cannot purchase license for this computer"?

Our system is very intelligent in detecting fraudulent transactions. This message comes when a person tries to purchase the software license with fake information like credit card, paypal account. To avoid from blocking your purchase, please carefully enter your purchasing information.

How to purchase the Software? step-by-step guide

Please install the software on your computer and run it and follow the screenshots as shown below:
Activate Full Version
LinkedIn Purchase Page

How to register the software?

Please download the license file instead of opening in web browser then browse the file from registeration box on software instead of opening it. Follow the screenshots as shown below:
Email Extractor Register Software

How to copy the serial key from software?

Please install the software then run it and follow the screenshot:
Copy Serial Key

How to purchase on Perfect Money with BITCOIN OR USD?

Click on "Activate Full Version" button on software toolbar and pop-up window will open then click on "Buy Now" button on pop-up window and it will bring you on purchase page. On purcahse page you select payment method as you wish. Purchase with BitCoin