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As customers demand solutions to take their business to the next level, AST is committed to helping you do just that. With an industry-leading approach, AST truly understands the value that comes with working together to deliver fully integrated technical solutions.

Our partners are actively engaged in expanding our sales and support tools, market guidance, and product training services. AST partnership is open for software companies, technology consultants, consulting organizations and sales organizations that require strong IT And Telecom outsourcing expertise to boost up their existing capabilities.

We offer our Partners an increase in revenue potential, greater market awareness and reduction in development costs.

Who is a partner?

Anyone who resells the copies of our products to his customers is considered to be a partner (either a person or a company).

Why should I become a partner?

You have clients and you want to sell them software directly then reseller program is just for you. You will be able to sell and assign licenses to you customers personally.
Moreover, you can set the prices for the products yourself (they can be higher or lower than on our prices)

What will I pay for licenses as a reseller?

We provide our partners with the 20-35% discount for the licenses. The more you sell - the higher the discount. Contact us to get more details. If you would like to become a partner to offer AST products and services to your clients, contact us at