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What Are The Best Online Data Mining Tools For Online Businesses In 2020?

Everybody knows that we can copy data from different web pages manually. Well, of course, yes, you can do that, but it will take several months. A website can be a mixture of hundreds of web pages, passing every webpage, and copying pasting its data is hard work. And companies cannot invest their precious time in that, although they desperately need it. The question that comes to mind is can't we do it automatically? Yes, data scrapers? Better implementation of these tools improves the output and can save your time and money.
Data scraping tools act as a savior in this position. Web data extraction software will extract and download data automatically from different web pages according to your requirements. With one click, you can save the extracted data in the format you want. The primary goal of using web data scraping tools is to extract a large amount of data from different websites and store them in CSV, Text, Excel formats on your computer. Here are some of the 4 best data mining tools available now in the market for any business growth in 2020.
  • 1. Google Map Extractor
  • You Can Scrape Thousands of Business Listings from Google Maps No doubt, Google Maps is a great resource for getting leads.Google Maps Extractor is a powerful data harvesting tool that helps you find leads from Google Maps. It is a web crawler that acts like a real user, allowing you to extract all the information you need from Google Maps without blocking it. You can now extract companies or business data from Google Maps in seconds with the sole purpose of converting them into B2B clients. Google Map Extractor is a powerful Google Maps data scraping tool to boost your company or product by creating B2B leads. Google Maps Scraper extracts the name of the business, business address, phone number, website, social media links, rating, ratings, Google Maps listings link, latitude, longitude, hours of operation, and even emails if available on Google Maps listings. Get ready to stop your efforts with old databases and generate new leads data through your sales team - quickly with Google Maps Data Extractor. Extracted data can be downloaded in CSV, Excel and Text formats.
    If you are looking for an affordable, fast, and easy way to extract contact information like business name, address, website, emails, reviews, and phone number from Google Maps, Google My Business Extractor is the data stripping tool you need for email marketing, telemarketing, and text messaging marketing Short.
     data Extraction Tools 2020
  • 2. Top lead extractor
  • You can scrape contact details including emails and phone numbers from the internet with just one click Top Lead Extractor is a fast, multi-threaded program that allows you to extract thousands of emails and phone numbers per minute. Simply upload a list of URLs or keywords, then press "Start" and you will get thousands of results in a few minutes for your desired keyword.
    Top Lead Extractor is a desktop-based tool that can scrape potential buyer email data, mobile number and social IDs from multiple sites with just one click without any human efforts. Duplicate data will be deleted automatically. With this web extractor, you can export the extracted data to CSV, XLSX or TXT files. Now, you will have a lot of cell phone numbers, email addresses and social ids that you can use for your business needs. Of course, this extracted data is very useful for those who want to do marketing for promotions, marketing and selling online.
  • 3. Cute web phone number extractor
  • Extract valid and active phone numbers from multiple websites Online marketing made it easier with thisCute Web Phone number extractor tool. It is a desktop application developed to scrape thousands of phone numbers from multiple websites without any programming for online marketers or anyone who is interested in extracting phone numbers. It can extract both international and local phone numbers from multiple websites through popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu, etc. You can find phone numbers just by typing your business keywords or by putting website URLs. It can create a huge list of phone numbers for you, which contains more than 1000 phone numbers. After scraping, scraped phone numbers can be saved in many formats like CSV, Excel and text file.
  • 4. Xing lead extractor
  • Search, extract and obtain new leads data from Xing website Xing Lead Extractor is the best and most useful data stripping tool for business owners to get vital information that can help expand their business growth and revenue. One can obtain the appropriate information for all required candidates within seconds. Xing Leads Grabber is a powerful and easy to use web scraper. It allows you to extract Xing profile link, first name, last name, business email, private email, business phone, business phone, business fax, private phone, private mobile phone, private fax, job title, academic degree, communications, Occupation Type, Company Profile Xing, Company Name, Company Size, Company Email, Company Phone, Company Fax, Company Address, Company Industry, Managed by, ID Xing manager, Company Staff, Site, Fund Owners, Interests, Qualifications, Desire, profile, etc. The Xing Data Extractor has a friendly and easy to use interface. No single or series of code required! Web data extraction is completely automatic. You can scrape 700 business profiles from Xing with Xing Profile Extractor in one day.


    The main objective of this article was to explain the best and easy-to-use web data scraping tools available in the market. We hope this list of tools is helpful in allowing you to take advantage of this information for your projects and businesses. You can save many hours with these tools. You can use these web data extraction tools to collect data from the internet and display it in a useful way according to your needs. You can get a massive amount of data with these screen scraping tools.

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