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In 2020, if you want to sustain and grow your B2B business or B2B sales, you need to consistently generate new b2b sales leads. One of the best places to generate leads is LinkedIn and sales navigator. Since LinkedIn and sales navigator became publicly available, the social and business networking platform has evolved into a perfect b2b professional publishing platform. It is revealed that on a yearly basis, LinkedIn ranks up more than five billion searches and these searches are more as compared to all other social networking platforms searches.
Why? It is the fastest growing B2B professional networking site where you can find and get more than 620 million b2b professionals, companies and job finders in one place.

How to generate B2B leads for the business in 2020?

Generating and searching leads for small business owners and business sales experts is a daunting task. They frequently struggle to figure out the best and right lead generation strategy that works for their business sales leads. They also can’t afford to have sufficient and more employees to generate b2b leads for their small business. The main reason they are behind in lead generation is that they have very limited resources.
Some b2b companies or b2b businesses spend a few thousand dollars to buy a small business leads lists. Though it looks promising the end result is not as rewarding as it appears. Generally, these leads are stored in an old leads database for a long period of time. These leads might have changed companies or promoted to newer titles. So, the leads data available in the lists are almost out of date or fake. What’s more? When you buy leads data from a leads generation company, you and your competitor might get the same set of leads data since your competitor sells the same set of lists data. You lose your competitive advantage too.

Generate quality or valid B2B leads data in 2020 with LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn and sales navigator offers a massive quantity of B2B leads data with quality. LinkedIn has a huge amount of wonderful resources and profiles that can be considered as the best quality leads. If you want to generate leads from LinkedIn then you need to export b2b leads data from LinkedIn. You cannot extract b2b leads data from LinkedIn manually without LinkedIn Data Scraping Tools.
Here is the best b2b leads data extractor from LinkedIn that can extract b2b leads data from LinkedIn automatically based on your business keywords and requirements. LinkedIn company extractor can search and extract b2b leads data in minutes such as business name, contact information (email, phone number available on Google), skills, Company Size, Followers, Website, Year founded, Industry, company type, Specialties, Address, postcode, and Country name, etc. You can export your data in .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files, etc data in minutes.
 How should use LinkedIn

Also, you can extract other profiles data and candidates from LinkedIn With the following LinkedIn Scraping tools.

  • 1) LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor
  • By using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor you can extract your business job targeted candidate’s information such as business first name, last name, email, phone number, twitter, messenger id, job title, company, website, skills, industry, country, profile links from LinkedIn.

  • 2) LinkedIn Company Extractor
  • Now by using LinkedIn company extractor , you can extract all lead profiles contact data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator such as name, email, business name, address, phone number, websites, messenger ids, skill, country, profile link and other important information from LinkedIn.

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