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How to Scrape Data from Google Maps?

Google Maps is not only a tool to provide driving directions. It has evolved into a business directory that provides great exposure to businesses . You can get the contact information from Google Maps such as name, address, phone number and website URL.
A large amount of data is only available through Google Maps . However, copying data from Google Maps and pastes it to spreadsheets is a tiring process. Extracting data from Internet sources can become expensive because of the increased number of hours required. Clearly, a data extracting software can help you with this and save your time and money.
Google data

What Challenges You Have To Face While Scraping Data?

If you're running a business that relies on data from other websites,directories, copying that data manually requires more human effort, expensive, tiring, and time-consuming. Other than this you may face some other issues i.e.
  • 1. Webmasters continue to change their websites so that they are easier to use and look better, thus breaking the logic of extracting sensitive data.
  • 2. IP Address Block: If you continue to strip from a website from your office, your IP address will be blocked by Security Guards one day.
  • 3. Websites are increasingly using better ways to send data, Ajax, client-side web service calls, etc., making it more difficult to copy data from these sites. Unless you're a programming expert , you won't be able to output data.
  • 4. Think about a situation where your setup site has recently started to flourish and suddenly feed the dream data you used to stop. In today's society with abundant resources, users will switch to a service that continues to provide new data.
  • Overcome these difficulties with Google Map Extractor

    If you want to extract real traffic data from Google Maps to grow your business, stop searching manually. Google Map Extractor is the best choice for this purpose. It can save a lot of time and money and give you valid results for your business in minutes .

    What is Google Map Extractor?

    Google Map Extractor Software is a tool that helps collect data based on keywords and location. All you need to do is simply enter the city, name, and location where you want to fetch results, and will bring the business name, address, contact number, website URL, Google Maps ratings, etc. Uses a dedicated Google Map API key, which is freely available. This data can be downloaded in .xlsx and .csv formats (opened in excel) and .txt file formats.

    What Are The Benefits Of Google Map Extractor For Your Online Company/Business?

  • Extract important data from Google Maps: business name, category, address, city, country, zip code, email, fax, latitude, longitude, phone, reviews, source link, state, unique identifier and website
  • This tool is 100% legal as all data extracting is performed using the original Google MAP API; provided by Google itself.
  • Google Map Extractor supports Google Maps.
  • Search by keywords (can be specific terms, location, zip code, industry, etc.) and within a specific radius.
  • You can save exported extracted .xlsx, .csv (opens in excel), and .txt files.
  • Optimize search by keywords, as you did on Google Maps.
  • Search results within a specified radius range (in miles or km) to get accurate area-wise data.
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