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The best thing in this email is this no-bullshit approach and the sense of humor of the person who is writing it. It's not talking about a product, not talking about yourself ("we are the best in this and that and we are the perfect match for you").

There Are Someway to Make a Good Approach for Cold email.

1) Keep It Short And Sweet

Nobody has time to sit and digest an entire essay that’s from a cold email – they don’t even know who you are yet. The whole purpose of a cold email is to initiate a relationship and create curiosity. Keep it short, sweet and to the point.

2) Be Personal

Nothing beats going the extra mile when sending a cold email. Can you send them in bulk? Yes but they lose that personal touch. If you include the person's name, company and reference their website/what they do then it shows them that you have done your homework.

3) Send Email to Validated Email addresses Sending Email to those Bogus or closed domains bring lots of load to your server and repeated emails warns you to BLACKLIST you, your website, email addresses or IP addresses.Cute Web Email Address Extractor has built-in email address domain validation feature and searches only active email address without duplicate.

4) Send Email to only targeted personals

Send Email to those you think your product or services would be of their interest. Get targeted email addresses with Cute Web Email Address Extractor by using keywords of your desired industry and people.

5) Search for fresh contacts

If you want to approach CEO, CFO, CTO or people having the authority of making a decision, Find them on professional social work i.e LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Using "LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor" you can get their email addresses and Skype Ids.

6) Avoid repetition

Make sure a recipient does not receive the same emails again.
Hope! Your cold email would receive well.

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