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How To Download Data From LinkedIn Recruiter Search Results To Excel?

Sure, you know about LinkedIn Recruiter. LinkedIn Recruiter is a great service for business owners to use for recruiting the best candidates. It provides a great opportunity for a business to increase sales and brand awareness by hiring the best candidates.
In the LinkedIn Recruiter profile, a user contains skills, job title, experience, email address, phone number, website link, and social media links. LinkedIn is one of the most popular online B2B professional websites that gives great visibility for your online business and facilitates the process of finding new employees for your business, as well as, boosting sales engagements and generating leads for your business.
If you are looking for the best candidates for hiring or a company your first instinct must be to conduct a LinkedIn search instead of consulting online directories, if so, how do you scrape search results from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter?
As you know, if you want to scrape data from LinkedIn to excel for hiring or marketing purposes then definitely you need data in bulk and you cannot get this data from LinkedIn manually as there are more than 800 million users on LinkedIn.
Luckily, LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor is here to solve this problem by allowing you todownload all the information you need from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter. So you can boost your business, marketing, and recruiting efforts to the next level by using up-to-date data collected from LinkedIn Recruiter.

What Is a LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor?

A LinkedIn Crawler is a computer application that usually finds and downloads users' data from the LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter. The finding process of a LinkedIn Data Extractor is usually simple and straightforward. A LinkedIn Recruiter Profile Extractor is first given a set of keywords.
Next, the LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper searches for the users related to your keywords and then extracts contact information from the LinkedIn search results and LinkedIn profiles.
LinkedIn Email Extractor makes data extracting from LinkedIn easier than ever before. You can find candidates on LinkedIn by username, location, LinkedIn profile URL, and zip codes also.
Extract & Export LinkedIn Recruiter Search Results To Excel

What Are The Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor Software?

LinkedIn Scraping is a technique that includes many benefits for those who don’t want to waste time in finding prospects' details manually from LinkedIn. There are some main advantages of LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper that have made this tool so popular among various individuals and industries:
  • Automation (Get Rid Of Copy Paste Work)

  • The first and most important benefit of LinkedIn URL Scraper is that you can extract data from different LinkedIn profiles with only a few clicks. Data can be collected manually from LinkedIn by copy-pasting, but it is a tedious and time-consuming process. Imagine that someone would have to copy and paste emails, phone numbers, or other data from thousands of LinkedIn profiles every day — what a time-consuming process! Luckily, LinkedIn scraping tools make the process of data extraction and collection from LinkedIn simple and quick.
  • Cost-Effective(Affordable)

  • Data extraction from LinkedIn by freelancers and programmers is an expensive task that requires a big team for that task. While by using only one LinkedIn Scraper, you can get more data from LinkedIn than a team on a daily basis. The different data providing services provided LinkedIn data for different industries and charged for every industry individually. But by using a LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor, you can get data for any industry and country daily.
  • Easy To Use

  • When you are using a LinkedIn scraper, you don’t need to worry about how to use it. Because every LinkedIn Scraping tool has many video tutorials, blog posts, and customer support to learn the working of the software. Furthermore, a LinkedIn Crawler doesn’t require any coding skills to use. You just have to enter your keywords in the scraper to get from LinkedIn to Excel or CSV file.
  • Speed

  • Another advantage of using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor is that you can get data 100 times faster than humans. Imagine you hire a staff of 50 employees for LinkedIn scraping, but a LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper can collect more data than 50 employees in a day.
  • Data Accuracy

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation tools not only provide data at the fastest speed but are also accurate. There are 90% chances of errors when you are copy-pasting data from LinkedIn profiles. But a Profile Extractor LinkedIn finds and collects data only that it finds on a LinkedIn profile. The total daily limit of LinkedIn Leads Scraper is 1800 records, meaning you can scrape data from thousands of LinkedIn in a day.
In short, LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor is suitable for enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, recruiters, marketers, and webmasters, and helps them get readable and scalable information from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter.

How To Extract Data From LinkedIn Using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor?

These are the user guidelines for LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor.
  • Step 1: (Install)

  • Install and launch the LinkedIn Data Extractor software. Now Open the LinkedIn site in the LinkedIn Email Scraper.
  • Step 2: (Search)

  • Go to the search button in the LinkedIn scraper and put your keywords in the search bar and then press the search button to get results from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter related to your keywords.
  • Step 3: (Extract)

  • Now select specific results or click on the “select all” button to scrape selected LinkedIn search results and then click on the extract button to get all these search results into your computer/PC.
  • Step 4: (Export)

  • Now, you can export extracted LinkedIn data by clicking on the EXPORT button. The scraped LinkedIn data will be saved in a CSV file format or in an Excel sheet. Go to the Settings menu to choose your preferred output file format. By applying these simple 4 steps you can get profile data from LinkedIn Recruiter and you don’t need to learn any programming skills to use this LinkedIn Profile Scraper.


LinkedIn Recruiter Scrape doesn't scrape data from any other social media site except LinkedIn. If you need web scrapers for other social media sites then please visit our website( )

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