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Many people think that they cannot get targeted customers' data from LinkedIn without buying but that is not the case. Finding and Collecting data of targeted customers from LinkedIn is a really important marketing strategy to be able to make more sales. Besides that, it helps to grow your business with targeted marketing campaigns.
You can find and scrape data from LinkedIn without buying manually and automatically with your hands and LinkedIn Scraping tools respectively. You will need a LinkedIn data scraper tool through which you can find your customer's data from LinkedIn by name, country code, city code, job title, and LinkedIn profile URLs.
But what are the LinkedIn Scraping tools and how do they work? How can you find and extract data from LinkedIn profiles and search results for your marketing campaign and grow with them?
In this article, I will talk about the best LinkedIn data extraction tools that you can use to extract data from LinkedIn without buying a LinkedIn database and how you can do it completely automatically with a click of a mouse.
If you want to get rid of outdated and irrelevant databases and need a fresh and updated database from LinkedIn for marketing then you have to stick with us.

The Best Tools To Extract Data From LinkedIn For Targeted Industry & Country Without Buying

So what is the best and the cheapest LinkedIn Scraper software that you use to find, collect, and export data from LinkedIn for targeted locations and industries for targeted marketing?
In my opinion, I think that LinkedIn Lead Extractor and LinkedIn Company Extractor are the best LinkedIn Lead Generation tools you can use for LinkedIn data scraping.
Extract Unlimited Data From LinkedIn Without Buying From Brokers With LinkedIn Lead Extractor, you can find, extract, collect, and export data from LinkedIn user profiles, connections profiles and search results without having programming knowledge.
With LinkedIn Company Extractor, you can get emails, phone numbers, website links, as well as social media links of businesses from LinkedIn company profiles. You can find data by business name, country code, category, and company profile URL with this software.
You can see the video tutorials to see how the tools work and scrape data from LinkedIn for the user with the person's name and zip code.

LinkedIn Lead Extractor– Get User Profile Data From LinkedIn For Any Industry And Country

Now, you don’t need to buy LinkedIn data from brokers at expensive rates because you can create your own database from LinkedIn in minutes for any location and industry by using this LinkedIn Profile Extractor software. You can get data for telemarketing, SMS marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing for more than 200 countries from LinkedIn by using this LinkedIn Grabber.


  • 95-98% accuracy
  • Find data from LinkedIn by user name, job title, categories, zip codes, skills, and profile URLs
  • Detect and delete duplicate data automatically from the extracted data
  • LinkedIn Mobile Number Extractor has a user-friendly interface and requires no coding to use it.
  • You can install this LinkedIn Email Extractor in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Net Framework v4.0
  • 24/7 customer support and video tutorials to understand the working of the LinkedIn Lead Extractor.
  • You will get all the collected data in CSV, Excel, or Text format from LinkedIn to use.
  • You can get data from thousands of LinkedIn profiles on a daily basis with this LinkedIn scraping software for just 59.99 for 3 months.

LinkedIn Company Extractor– Get Business Profile Data From LinkedIn

You can get data for email marketing, telemarketing, SMS marketing, and Text marketing by using this LinkedIn Contact Extractor software from LinkedIn business profiles. It’s a tool to extract data from LinkedIn for b2b marketing and business.


  • You can find and scrape emails, phone numbers, Skype IDs, messenger IDs, social media links, company staff, and website URLs by using this LinkedIn email grabber.
  • LinkedIn URL Extractor supports various formats to export data from LinkedIn such as CSV, Excel, and Text files.
  • User-friendly, cost-effective, and fast
  • Video Tutorials available for users
  • Free trial available with some limitations
  • You can get unlimited data from LinkedIn for 3 months for just $79.99 by using this web scraping software.
  • LinkedIn Company Profile Scraper can find contact business data by business name, zip code, address, and profile URL.
  • 24/7 customer support available.


Now you don’t need to buy LinkedIn data for different locations and industries at different rates while you can build your database from LinkedIn for any location and industry with one-time payment by using these LinkedIn automation tools. Many people don’t like coding and therefore these LinkedIn lead generation toolsare simple and made for both coders and non-coders.
I myself highly recommend you try out the free versions of both LinkedIn tools and see which one suits you the most.

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