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Generating leads from LinkedIn for new clients has to be the hardest part of building a business. When you got an order on a freelancing website for LinkedIn lead generation, you have a limited time to complete this project and you have to complete this project in time to get reviews from clients and get more orders.
So if you don't know how freelancers complete their LinkedIn lead generation projects, then you will know after reading this article. In this blog post, we will learn about the best LinkedIn lead generation tools to get valid leads from LinkedIn for any industry and country in time to complete your freelancing projects.

Why Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation?

What is the biggest challenge faced by many freelancers to complete their LinkedIn lead generation projects?
Most of them struggle to generate qualified leads manually from LinkedIn which can be a lengthy task and you can’t complete your project in time. With the advancement of technology, the techniques for lead generation have also evolved. You can no longer rely solely on age-old tactics and old social media platforms.

Then, what should you do?

Instead, you should focus on using LinkedIn for lead generation. LinkedIn has 800 million families of active members. At first, it was considered a job platform only. But now it has become a professional platform for generating leads and promoting a business.

How Can I Get Bulk Leads For My Freelancing Projects From LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great platform for lead generation. You can’t collect data manually from LinkedIn as there are millions of people using LinkedIn. You have to use a LinkedIn Lead Generation tool for that purpose.
Yes, by using LinkedIn Scraping tools, you can get unlimited leads from LinkedIn for a targeted country and industry in the minimum time to complete your projects. But, you have to use a trusted and reliable LinkedIn Scraper to generate leads from LinkedIn.
There are two best LinkedIn automation and lead generation tools that can help you in your freelancing projects and provide 100% real and valid data from LinkedIn in the shortest time to satisfy your clients.
Generate Leads From LinkedIn For Freelancing Projects

The Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools For Freelancers & Marketers

    1. LinkedIn Company Extractor

    LinkedIn Company Scraper allows you to extract data from LinkedIn business profiles with business listing URLs, keywords, and locations without any coding. You don't need to pay for a data provider or do manual research from millions of businesses profiles on LinkedIn when using this LinkedIn Contact Extractor.
    The LinkedIn Company Data Extractorallows the user to build his own b2b database from LinkedIn. You will get company name, address, staff, social media links, email address, phone number, and much more from LinkedIn business profiles.
    You can scrape business data from 500-1000 business profiles in a day by using the LinkedIn Business Lead Extractor. If you have a list of Business Profile URLs it’s good but if you don’t then don’t need to worry because you can find any business on LinkedIn with name, location, and zip code by using the LinkedIn Data Scraper.
    You will get all this data in CSV, Excel, and Text files. So, you don’t need to find, collect, and organise data. LinkedIn grabber software will do all the work for you automatically. You just need to take an order and the software will complete your orders.

    2. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

    If you need emails and phone numbers of customers from LinkedIn profiles for a specific location, LinkedIn Lead Extractor is the right option for you.
    It is the premier choice of business owners, marketers, freelancers, and bloggers and is used to get useful leads from LinkedIn in just a few seconds like emails, phone numbers, social media links, skills, experience, job title, website link, and much more from LinkedIn profiles.
    You can easily find emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn by URLs, names, zip codes, and different keywords without any issue.
    LinkedIn profile scraper can scrape data from 500-800 profiles in a day. Moreover, you will get data in a neat and clean Excel, CSV, or Text file for your client. You have to pay only 59.99 for 3 months and you can get unlimited data for unlimited clients in 3 months.

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