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One of the most common web directories for finding people and their contact information is white pages directories. It is an important source of leads that you can find for free on the Internet. White pages directories make it easy to locate businesses and their owners, as well as their contact information. You can create your own lead lists, contact lists, cold call lists, targeted business mailing lists, business mailing lists for your email and telemarketing campaigns.
White page directories are easy to use. All you need to do is enter the contact's name, location, and hit the search button to get the information you want. The contact details of the person you are looking for are instantly displayed. You can also find companies using white page directories.
For example, if you want to search for Home dealerships in New York, just enter Home dealerships, enter the location as NY or New York, and click the search button. The online directory instantly displays a list of Home dealers in New York. Amazing, right? But the challenge is how to leverage this list of Home dealerships for your business. Before you start connecting with them by phone or email, you should save or extract white page addresses to an Excel sheet or another database.
How to Extract White Page Directories Data to Excel Spreadsheet with One Click

Best Data Scraper for White Pages

If you're looking for someone, make a list of their name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and other contact information. White pages directories. You can try our White page extraction tool: United Lead Scraper. .
Search results show thousands of contacts running on various web pages. You have to manually copy and paste the details of each contact, which takes a lot of time and effort. Consider the time and work involved in manually copying and pasting thousands of white page directory contacts into Excel. This is where White page directory extraction software comes in handy. It helps you quickly extract white page directory data to Excel with one click.

Which Data you can scrape and how

With only one click, white page directory extraction software allows you to extract hundreds of white page URLs to stand out. It entirely removes human data entering and allows you to Scrape White page directories to Excel quickly and effectively.
White Pages Leads Generator Tool extracts the name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses of various contacts and instantly extracts them to your Excel spreadsheet. Eliminate duplicate contacts and help you create an error-free database on your own in minutes.

United Lead Scraper Software

Most scraper software is designed to extract data from specific websites only and you are required to use what they provide and may extract from one website at a time or it does not provide browser support, but with United Lead Scraper you can get multiple websites from one place and single software prices.
Even if you only need specific website scrapers, you can only buy individ
ual website scrapers also according to your own data needs and you can run multiple scrapers for different websites at once, this way you can save your precious money and time. You can also make custom settings for each website scraper.
This software is fully automated and can extract data automatically. The data generated from each website scraper can be exported to EXCEL using United Lead Scraper. CSV files (opens in EXCEL format). United Lead Scraper is one of those white page Leads Scraper tools that helps you create new lead lists in no time. It is absolutely easy to use. Simply open the White Pages Directory, search for persons using a keyword, choose the search results page, and then click the Excel icon on the right side of the page. United Lead Scraper tool bar. United Lead Scraper instantly Scraper data from white page directories to Excel.
With United Lead Scraper, you can create any list: contact list, prospect list, company email list, targeted company mailing list, cold call list or any White page directory list or any directory of online business with one click.

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