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How Can I Scrape Data From Google Maps Without Coding and Getting Blocked?

No doubt, Google Maps is the world's largest business directory available on the internet for business data collection.
But how do you accurately and quickly collect this business information from Google Maps in a useful format? After all, Google Maps does not have a simple “export” feature to collect all the business information you might need. Web scraping tools are the answer.
Google Maps Scraping Data Extraction Tools allow you to easily select any content on a business listing and after extraction, export it into a spreadsheet. This way, you can build your own business leads from Google Maps in minutes for marketing campaigns without getting blocked and any knowledge of programming. In order to quickly scrape Google Maps data, you can use an easy to use and powerful Google Maps Data Extractor with a suite of incredibly useful features.

How Can I Scrape Business Data From Google Maps For Different Locations and Industries?

If you need real local or international business data from Google Maps and want to compete with your local or international competitors then you should try this Google Map Extractor Software. If you are an online company and thinking to scrape business data from thousands of businesses listed on Google Maps without being blocked then you need a Google Maps Scraper is there for you.
Scrape Business Data From Google Maps For Different Catagories and Location
The Google Maps Data Grabber is a web scraper that can browse through web pages of online Google Maps to look for business information that can boost your local business. For example, if you want to look for marketing agencies data in a particular street/area in New York, you can use the Google Maps Lead Extractor to find, extract, and export all the marketing businesses in New York on Google Maps. You can download all the business data from Google Maps in various formats like Excel, CSV, and, Text files by using this Google Maps Crawler. You can save hundreds of hours by using this Business Directory Scraper instead of manual data collection.
Business Data Extractor can browse and scrape Google Maps for all categories, sub-categories, locations, and industries. You can search and scrape based on the business name, zip code, location, business listing URL, etc. It supports keyword search and also checks for updates automatically.
The Google Maps Contact Extractor is compatible with all platforms including Linux, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. You can also use Google Maps Data Miner to scrape Google Maps link, rating, reviews, phone number, business name, business location, working hours, customer reviews, a business established date, and much more. The Google Places Scraper is an efficient business scraping tool that collects the bulk amount of data from Google Maps and presents it before the user as per his needs and requirements. This Google Maps Business Extractor is used by millions of business users and customers to help their company reach its business goals and objectives.

Why Google Map Extractor?

  • You have 100% real and relevant business data of any local/international business in your hand/computer with the help of an automatic Google Maps Listing Scraper.
  • You can collect local/international business data to beat your competitors.
  • You can save data in various readable/usable formats such as Excel, CSV, and Text files as you wish.
  • By gathering targeted business information from Google Maps, you can boost your sales by promoting your products through telemarketing, SMS marketing, and email marketing campaigns.
  • The business data collected by the Google Maps Email Extractor is accurate and valid as it is collected from Google Maps directly and it is updated according to the Google Maps updates.
  • The Business Data Scraper doesn’t need any programming to use it; even a non-technical person can use it easily.
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