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Are you looking to extract phone numbers from a website for telemarketing or cold calling for your call center campaign? Are you selling something in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or any other country? And finding the phone numbers list. At the end of this article, you will come to know how to get phone numbers for telemarketing for any country campaign.

What are the methods of extracting phone numbers from a website?

There are 3 main methods of extracting phone numbers from a website, 1st method is to find the public directories websites like yellow pages, white pages, yelp, yell, Canada411, etc. and any website you want to collect phone numbers, and start copy and paste the data, the second method is to buy the phone number leads from a data providers which is actually not a perfect lead as well, and the third method is to scrape the phone numbers data.

How to extract phone numbers from a website in bulk with spending the least amount of time?

You can make a web scraper for a website to extract the data from any website, but those who don’t know about the coding can hire a developer to make the phone number extractor, it’s a valuable investment for getting your desired phone number data which saves your time and energy.
How to extract phone numbers from website- Anysite Scraper
If you are looking for a scraper or data extractor which is all in one package like not only extract the phone numbers from a website automatically but also export into structured forms like excel spreadsheet or CSV form then Anysite Scraper is the best choice for you.

Why Anysite Scraper is the best choice for Marketers?

Anysite Scraper is the best web scraper because it defined with its name and can scrape any website, it is best for telemarketers or data providers companies because it allows you to scrape any website data which is publically available like yellow pages, white pages, yelp, yell, 411ca and many more, Anysite scraper is also used to scrape social media websites like Facebook, twitters, etc. is most useful web scraper for telemarketing and email marketing campaigns. You can scrape thousands of emails and phone numbers with a single click and saves them into excel or CSV form.
With the help of Anysite Scraper you can build a data extractor for any provides you more than 150 pre built website scrapers in its dashboard which are ready to use with a single click. The technical team has already searched famous websites and built a web scraper for those websites.
You just need to install Anysite Scraper on your computer, the beauty of the software is that it is so simple to use and all premium features are enabled in its free version. Once you are satisfied with its result you can buy its premium version to export the data into an excel spreadsheet.
Anysite Scrape is capable of scraping contact data like Name, phone numbers, emails, mobile numbers, fax numbers, and all other contact details from the web automatically. You can define your own data fields for particular web data yourself from any web directory website.

How to extract Phone numbers from a website with Anysite Scraper?

Anysite Scraper has more than 150 pre built web scrapers, you can use these scrapers by following the given steps, otherwise, you can build your website scraper by clicking on the build website scraper button, Let say you want to extract data from the yellow pages website where you can follow these simple steps to extract data.
  • Step1: Download and install Anysite Scraper into your computer and open it.
  • Step2: Search yellow pages in the search box of the paid website scrapers section.
  • Step3: Click on Run Extractor then a new window will open in a browser.
  • Step4: Search any phrase on the website and click on the Search button upper left side.
  • By following these simple steps the software will start extracting the data and will collect phone numbers, email, the physical address of people, and many more. You can apply the filters there as well after and before the extraction process. The software will automatically collect the data from all pages after crawling automatically.
    So if you want to extract phone numbers from a website this was the simple solution, you can try now, it is free to download and install even for the extraction of data from any website. Once you see it’s working for you and collecting the data you want then you can buy the license to export data into an excel spreadsheet.

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