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Every business owner wants to grow their leads database with the latest leads data. They know the significance of leads, so they spend almost half of the company budget on leads generation process. Generating leads means effective communication between clients and business services provider. In this modern era, there are many ways to generate leads but email marketing and Cold calling (telemarketing) have their own place in the business world.

For these marketing tactics, you need valid email ids and phone numbers. I suggest you following Leads Generation Softwares .

1) Cute Web Email Extractor (Valid Email Extractor)
2) Cute Web Phone Extractor (Phone Extractor)
3) SMS Gadget (Bulk SMS sender software)
4) Top Lead Extractor (3 IN ONE)

Cute Web Email Extractor (Email Extractor)

Email marketing is the most important marketing method to promote any kind of business. Email Marketing plays an imperative role in business development. For searching and extracting email ids for Email marketing, Cute Web Email Extractor is the best Software. Cute Web Email Extractor . is the most result-oriented email address extractor software for email marketing, email management, and website marketing. It can extracts email ids from popular search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc), from targeted websites and from local files.

Cute Web Phone Extractor (Phone Number Extractor)

Cold Calling (Telemarketing) is the most result-oriented leads generation tactic to grow more business sales and revenue. In cold calling, you can contact your customers to inform them regarding your business products and new product updates. For cold calling, you need valid bulk phone numbers according to your targeted audience. For this, I suggest you cute web Phone numbers extractor to extract valid phone numbers from search engines. By using Cute Web Phone Extractor you can extract authentic mobile numbers and phone numbers from websites, search engines and local files from the computer. You can make your own huge database of valid phone numbers and you can use this database for SMS marketing using SMS sender software.

Top Lead Extractor (3 IN ONE)

By using Top Lead Extractor you can extract email ids, phone numbers, and social ids at one place. You don’t need to purchase different tools for email marketing and telemarketing because Top Lead Extractor can perform 3 in 1 task in one place. Top Lead Extractor can extract phone numbers, email IDs and Social Ids. According to its user, Top Leads Extractor has made very easy for them for generating email ids, phone numbers, and social ids more conveniently.

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