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What Is The Web Scraping Software?

Web scraping is the process of automating data extraction/collection from websites on a large scale. Web Scraping Software access the world wide web through a web browser and extract the specific information from the websites into a local database or spreadsheet for marketing and business growth.
A web data extractor can automatically find and extracts required data, texts, URLs, Images, Emails, Phone Numbers, and much more from multiple websites. In this post, we take a look at some of the best web scraping tools and software.

Top 5 Best Data Scraping Tools That You Cannot Miss For Data Collection

There are many web data scraping tools. However, not all web scrapers are for non-programmers. You can collect data from any website by using these screen scraping tools without any programming knowledge. The lists below are the best data mining tools without coding skills at a low cost.
1. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor
2. Cute Web Email Extractor
3. Top Lead Extractor
4. Google Maps Data Extractor
5. Anysite Web Scraper
Top 5 Best Web Scraping Tools That You Cannot Miss in 2020
  • 1. Find & Get Business Phone Numbers From Websites With Cute Web Phone Number Scraper

  • Both technical and non-technical users find it easy to use Phone Number Crawler to extract business phone numbers in bulk from websites without any coding. Mobile Number Extractor, being a Windows application, is designed to harvest phone numbers from your targeted websites. You can build your own telemarketing phone number lists, homeowners phone number lists, business owners' phone number lists, and many more by using this Phone Number Finder .
    You can find your target phone number by name, zip code, and mobile company code, and even by website URLs.
  • 2. Find & Get Business Email Database With Cute Web Email Scraper

  • Email spiders help users to collect and organize email databases in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. You can build your own email database for targeted countries from the targeted websites for email marketing such as the USA email database, UK email database, Canada email database, etc. You can save the collected data in various formats like CSV, Excel, Text files, etc.
  • 3. Scrape Your targeted Websites With Top Lead Extractor For Emails and Phone Numbers

  • The Top Lead Extractor supports data collection from any website and requires no coding. You can collect thousands of emails and phone numbers for telemarketing, SMS marketing, and email marketing by using this email and phone number extractor. You can find your target email and phone number by keywords. The web scraping software also allows you to crawl websites by URLs.
  • 4. Get Local & International Business Data From Google Maps With Google Map Extractor

  • Google Maps Scrape is specially designed to collect business data from Google Maps. Google Maps Crawler helps you extract data from Google Maps for any business in any country, city, or state by zip codes and business name. The Google Map Business Extractor requires no coding, simply point and click on the business of interest, and Google Places Scraper will extract them into your data-set.
    The Google Maps Grabber can scrape complete business details from Google Maps like business name, phone number, email (if given), working hours, latitude, longitude, rating, reviews, website URLs, and much more that is publicly available.
  • 5. Scrape Data From Your Targeted Website With Anysite Scraper

  • Anysite Web Scraping Software is a robust data collection tool which also provides web scraping service for business owners and Enterprise. As it can be installed on Windows, users can scrape data from multiple websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, Amazon, eBay, India Mart, and many more. This Website Extractor is not not only limited to social media and e-commerce websites but it can also scrape data from business directories. Unlike other data scrapers that only scrape content with simple HTML structure, Anysite Web Crawler can handle both static and dynamic websites.
    You can scrape data from a complex website such as a site that requires login and pagination. The web scraping software can even deal with information that is not showing on the websites. As a result, you can achieve business emails, phone numbers, business reviews, product details, and much more by using this web scraper.


    Hopefully, this list of website scraping tools has been helpful in letting you take advantage of this information for your own projects and businesses. You can build your own database for marketing, business, and other purposes by using these web crawling tools. Happy scrapping!

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