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How To Scrape Data From Facebook?

Despite all the “noise” on social media sites, we can’t deny how valuable information found on social media networks can be for some organizations. You can't scrape data easily from Facebook due to their strong API and security. But, by using website scraping tools you can do this easily.
Web Scraping Technology helps you to collect the required data and export it into the format more useful for the business. Facebook is an abundant pool of data and useful information like Email ids, public phone numbers, interest groups that exist in this pool.
However, extracting the information manually can be a difficult and boring task. Here’s where the web scraping tool like Anysite Scrapercan be useful. Moreover, you can scrape many other social media sites by using this web crawler like Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Olx, and many more. You can scrape data from business directories like Yellow Pages, White Pages, Manta, Yelp, and many more by using this data mining tool

Why Anysite Scraper Is The Best Scraper For Facebook?

Scraping Facebook public pages might sound easy, but it is not really if you need to scrape thousands or millions of pages per day. Facebook will block your requests with errors and captchas. With Anysite Web Data Scraper all of this hassle disappears and you can focus on what really matters, building and improving your service and your company.
Scrape Facebook Data Without Any Coding
FB Leads Extractor extracts important data from Facebook such as Address, Birth Date, Email Address (if available), Phone Number (if available), First Name, Last Name, Gender, Interested, Language, Marital Status, Address, Religious, Source Link, Website, Work, and, Education.
Facebook Data Extractor uses the Facebook network to generate a list of leads in a few seconds. You can search by any category or keywords like hospitals, marketers, online businesses, restaurants, coffee-clubs, and hotels, and in any location, city, state, or country. You can use city code and country code to get more specific results.
You don’t need to buy multiple web crawling tools for different social media sites while you can scrape all these with a single tool.

What Are The Special Features of Anysite Scraper Makes Him Most Popular?

  • You can build your own custom scraper for many websites like Facebook, Amazon, Ali Baba, and many more by using a web page extractor.
  • You can scrape data from hundreds of famous social media sites as well as from hundreds of business directories by using this business directory scraper.
  • You can find and collect data from keywords and locations.
  • You can upload a list of URLs to scrape for data.
  • You can extract the details of members from a Facebook Page or Group.
  • Export Scraped Data in CSV and Excel file.
  • The website extractor supports all the latest and older versions of windows.
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