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Google Maps is an incredible source of business data that offers to get business leads. A huge number of people find contact information manually for the companies profiles or user profiles listed on Google Maps. More than one billion Internet users use Google Maps services worldwide. You can find and collect data for all kinds of businesses on Google Maps like Restaurants, Online Business, Marketing Agencies, Software Houses, Hospitals, Shopping Markets, Bazaars, Local Shops, Home Addresses , and much more. You can use this data for cold calling, lead generation, and the development of mass marketing campaigns.
As there are billions of users, it is a very difficult task to collect your targeted business data manually from millions of companies' profiles. You can make this data collecting process with Google Maps scraping tools . You can scrape any company profile data by using a Google My Business Data Extractor software. Let’s find more about Google Map Extractor. The Best Google Maps Scraper To Scrape Google Maps For Targeted Industry? Extract local and international business data from Google Maps in seconds for the sole purpose of generating B2B leads. Google Maps Data Extractor is a powerful data scraping tool to boost your company or product by generating B2B leads . You can install it with any Windows program. You can add business profile Url in the search bar of the tool to collect targeted data.
Google Map Extractor is a hassle-free data extraction tool that helps users to fetch valuable data from Google Maps business profiles. The Business Data Extractor allows you to store data in the high-ability database. With Google Maps Contact Extractor, you can scrape different data fields from Google Maps like this:

Scrape Any Business Profile Data From Google Maps Business Name
Business Phone Number
Business Address
Business Ratings & Reviews
Website URL
Business Established Date
Business Open or Not
Business Category
Business Description
Email ID (if available)
Business Images
Social Media Links given on the business listing, and much more.

Why Google Map Extractor Is The Best For Google Maps Scraping?

  • Hassle-free Setup
  • Forget about all coding and setup routines. Just tell the Google Maps Data Miner business profiles you want to scrape or you can find your targeted industry profiles by keywords for scraping. The scraper delivers the exact data you were looking for within a few minutes in CSV and Excel format.
  • Fastest Data Extraction
  • Google Places Scraper is the best scraper among all due to its fastest data scraping. You can scrape 800-1000 company profiles in a day by using this business directory scraper.
  • 100% Accurate And Valid Data
  • You make critical decisions with your data and want your data to be of the utmost accuracy. The accuracy of the scraped data is very high as the data is directly scraped from Google Maps search pages. With Google Maps Email Scraper you can trust your data at all times.
  • Scheduled Scraping Tasks
  • Interested in collecting web data on specific days of the week? Go ahead! Schedule your scrapes with Web Scraping Software- daily, weekly, or monthly. Top-Rated & Reliable Google Maps Scraper If you are looking for the top-rated web scraper for Google Maps, don’t go anyway as Google Maps Business Extractor is your best option!
  • Save Data In Organized Format
  • Users can get all business profiles data from Google Maps in an organized CSV, Excel, or Text file formats for future use. Web data extractor allows you to convert the entire collected data into organized content.
  • Support All Systems And Windows
  • Google Maps Reviews Scraper can be installed on any system and windows. It supports windows Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, and, Net Framework v4.0.

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