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Throwing leaflets into the homes or shops at a Mall or market is out now. In this technology-driven age where everyone has a phone handy, People may not in a mood to answer your call. But they surely go through their SMS time to time. You can stay connected with your customers from time to time by sending SMS with special offers, promotion, reminder, and upgrades. SMS is the quick and cheapest way of marketing and brings you a quick response getting a deal later on. Following are the steps to reach your target market without spending much.

Find out your target market

First of all, find out who is in the need of your product or services e.g. if you are a call recording company, your possible customers would be Intelligence Agencies, Health Care providers, Call centers, customer support centers, etc. There would be no use of texting a hardware provider company for beauty services offered.

Get verified phone numbers

Your targeted phone numbers should be verified instead of sending SMS to every phone number. This is not only annoying them as well as wastage of time and money. You can find active phone numbers on the internet using any phone number extractor software. We are using "Cute Web Phone number Extractor" and this software has plenty of options to refine and specify your search in order to get more precise and targeted customers’ telephone/mobile/fax number along with company name. It is customizable software as per needs and I never find any software better than this. Now you have a directory in hand containing all the information of the individuals/ company you wish to contact and convince them to purchase your product.

Make SMS text impressive

Your SMS should have clarity and brevity thus containing all the necessary information about your product or services the reader needs to be impressed with.

Here you go! Send your SMS now

Your marketing campaign is ready to go. Choose any Bulk SMS Sending Software. One of the best Bulk SMS Software we are using is "SMS Gadget". It is cheap and sends SMS without repetition. It has unique features such as project for each campaign, unlimited groups creation, unlimited contacts, and import, export facility. Just use your existing computer and mobile phone, with connection options of USB data cable, Bluetooth or Infra red. Be open to opt-out mechanism

Offer a simple opt-out option in your texts. Always ensure you make it clear to your customers that they can stop receiving messages from you at any time.

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