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Most of the big firms and companies are using social media sites for job posting and recruiting new candidates for new job roles. Recruiting from social media also said to be social hiring. In this procedure recruiter use social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for new job posting, searching new talent, and chat with other talented recruiters about the hiring procedure and know about the culture of the company. Hiring new candidates through social media is very common and it must be included in any successful recruiting plan.

LinkedIn is the most powerful network having the best talent engaged with experts and recruiting company. LinkedIn has more than 200 millions of active profiles. This profile includes professionals, students, employees and job seekers who currently seeking new business opportunities. From the market survey, almost 94% of business recruiters use LinkedIn Networking site for job postings and for hiring new talent because it has an active community. There are many other best things about LinkedIn for recruiting new candidates. But there's some complication and difficulty in getting candidates detail from LinkedIn. Because how can you get information from millions of profiles manually? So you need a LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor tool to get Candidates details from LinkedIn automatically.

How can you Extract Candidates Detail from LinkedIn Automatically?

In my experience, I recommend LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor Tool , because I am using this software from the last 2 years for extracting candidates detail from LinkedIn and it provides the best results. The software provides unique results every time. By using this LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor tool recruiters can get candidates’ detail according to your specific area and according to your job. You can extract data from LinkedIn such as Full names, authentic email ids, phone numbers, social media ids, previous job details, company detail, personal website URLs, candidates skills, and LinkedIn profile links.

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