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Google Maps can be called one of the complete hotspots for bringing business information and professional resources. It has an immense information assortment, No one has a greater data collection assortment than Google does. To recover the specific data from the immense assortment of informationwe need a web scraping software that can scrape the information from the Google database in a streamlined way. We can utilize the information extracted by the tool in business advancement. In any case, they are going to impart it to all of us.

What is Google Map Extractor Software?

Google Maps is a fundamental device that millions access each day through their cell phone, tablet, and PC devices. Now all the information is accessible on the web, yet it would take a very long time for people to sort and investigate such information. Particular data extraction software developed by Ahmad Software Technologies can extract data from Google Maps easily to provide extraordinary assistance to their clients.


Google Map Extractor is a client convenient and simple to utilize. This software extracts contact information effectively utilizing the Google Maps database. For utilizing this we simply need to type the keyword in the ideal search engine. You can enter the area; the product will extract all the related results from the Google maps database. By utilizing this software you can extract contact information without much of a stretch. It can extract information like:
  • 1- Company name
  • 2- Google maps address
  • 3- Business address
  • 4- Telephone numbers
  • 5- Email address
  • 6- Website link

  • Scrap Google Maps to extract contact information with Google Map Extractor Generally, Google maps limits search up to 200 records, yet with Google maps extractor you will have the option to recover the most extreme 200 records for each postal code. This tool is made with a single screen dashboard for picking up information on one screen. The Significance of Google Map Extractor for Extracting Business Data We all know the significance of Google maps. It contains a colossal measure of business record which is exceptionally difficult to extract physically for business purposes. The web has various business information extricating sources that one can use to grandstand things and organization of their organization. One of these sources is Google Map Extractor, and it is most probably the best source considering the way that we know well that moderately every little and huge, startup and pinnacle level business is recorded on Google maps effectively. Not in the slightest degree like distinctive expert professional references that target specific nations or classes' Google maps had an expert asset from every territory on the globe and for all business composure.

    How Google Map Extractor helps you to get more leads?

    Google Map Extractor can accumulate all the data to deliver you more leads for your business. It supports applying various filters to accumulate the concentrated data. With the help of this tool, you can similarly extract any profile page with a specific URL. Google Map Extractor gives Unicode support. The item furthermore gives you the alternative to trade all the extracted data in different structures.

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