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1. Add stops to your journey

At the point when you get in the vehicle for a journey, you infrequently go directly to your goal ceaselessly. You'll have to stop for lunch or gas or a washroom break or a temporary reroute to visit a cool side of the road fascination. When you program in your goal, it's anything but difficult to include stops en route. For stops after you've begun your journey, you can tap the hunt symbol and look over "Service stations, Supermarkets, Cafes, Bistros, etc.

2. Check current and future traffic

In the event that you need to check the traffic in your general vicinity, you have to turn on "traffic" by tapping on the precious stone formed layers symbol on your cell phone application or by choosing the menu button on your work area.

3. Locate yourself

Is it accurate to say that you are totally spun around? Uncertain about whether you should make a correct turn or a left since you don't have the foggiest idea what heading you're confronting? Quit pondering – with a brisk tap of the compass in the upper right corner of the screen while exploring will move the guide to confront a similar heading you are. Tap the compass again to switch back to the more customary "North is up" see.
In case you're strolling, you would now be able to get to Live View, a route mode that gets a live picture from your telephone's camera and layers headings on top. Tilt the telephone up to see where you ought to be going in the application in addition to a little segment of the conventional guide. As you walk, you'll see a lot of chevrons calling attention to each turn as you approach a crossing point . What's more, in the event that you need access to simply the customary guide see, you tilt your telephone down. Live View is accessible in select urban areas for the present.
Best Data Scraper From Google Maps | Google Map Extractor

How can you scrape data from Google Maps?

Google Maps became an essential part of our life these days. It made our traveling life much easier and faster. Almost everyone is using Google Maps these days. By seeing the importance of Google Maps, Ahmad Software Technologies developed special software to help their clients to scrape data from Google Maps and build their own directory. The software named Google Map Extractor is a powerful tool that can scrape data within a few minutes. It is very fast and easy to use.
It can extract targeted business leads from Google. With the help of Google Map Extractor, you can also extract any specific profile page with URL. It has the ability to save search results and history if the software or computer shuts down automatically. Google Map Extractor also provides Unicode support. It gives you the option to apply many filters so that you can get contact data according to your desire.
It has also the ability to export the extracted data in different forms so that you can use this data easily.

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