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Xing is not a dating site, this is a business networking website for professionals. Xing (former named OpenBC), a firm founded in Hamburg at the end of 2003 by entrepreneur Lars Hinrichs. This website supports 16 languages, has over 10 million members, growing by the minute and is the market leader in the German-speaking region. Xing has a business feel. It allows any arbitrary person to connect with another arbitrary person related to its profession and field. Xing allows you to be connected to people on the network through your own contacts by automatically displaying the shortest route to the person you choose to view.

Once you fill your details in a C.V. style format with contact details, education and interests and then start adding people's to your contact list. Membership to the Xing is free, although Xing offers a premium membership, with more features, such as advanced "power searches", the ability to send people messages, and check who has recently visited your page.

Xing also provides platform where people can stay in connected who live together and work together in a company or work on a project. It is often no longer the case that people work in the same company and live in the same place for their whole lives. Xing is provided MOBILITY and Flexibility to the people to stay connected for their future interaction and allows the members to get in touch with the relevant partners for their business in their new environment.

Xing is helping the people to get updates and messages on daily basis from the following members about the new jobs and closed deal or details of interesting projects. By the processing of survey results, a lot of members said that they have generated actual revenues from new business as a direct result of using XING. Lot of members reported they have made more deals by using Xing. Now a days that ratio show has risen."

Xing members can get advantages by making new contacts is not the only advantage a member can also benefit from advice in the thousands of Groups that have sprung up on the site. And log onto their "Marketplace" section and you even see job postings that are matched to your profile.

It's a powerful tool. Now days a lot of campiness provide different tools to extract data of different people for the use of social marketing and for email

features of Xing:

  • Jobs: Find the right job for your lifestyle and have new offers sent to you automatically.
  • Xing News: Top daily articles from your industry. Find out more and add your own perspective!
  • Events: Discover great seminars, conferences, trade shows, and more at the largest business event platform.
  • Companies: Find the best and most popular employers with top ratings in your city or Industry.

How to use xing for marketing to promote business?

Social Marketing is the best way to promote and socializing your business in today's marketing. The xing network is the best please where you can get your business targeted audience. It is too difficult to search and extract useful information on Xing like (phone number, profile link, name, emails, Fax, job title, academic degree, number of connections, Occupation, Company profile, address, industry, manager, haves, interests, qualifications wants, profile Id, etc). by searching from google and visiting a lot of sites to capture information. It is too painful to collect information of people one by one by visiting their Profiles and its cost is very high therefore I can say it is the wastage of time, money and resources. Now a days the 21-century generation is moving toward automation. Today we have to need some software to extract contact information from the social network for the social marketing. I have searched for a lot of Xing Exacting software to extract Xing user's information. But they are not providing the relevant results against the search. I am searching from a long time for the best software which must have the following features.
  • Targeted Keyword based search
  • Extract complete profile
  • Advanced Search
  • Specific Page Base search
  • Reliability
  • Save Searched History
  • Delay Option
  • Unicode Support
  • Internet Status Detector
  • Show the last Search
  • Contacts Filtering
  • Export Data
After a lot of searches, I get succeeded to find out my desired software (Xing Lead Extractor).

Xing Lead Extractor:

Xing Lead Extractor is a desktop an application which allows you to extract contacts information from Xing. This tool can capture information such as profile link, name, emails, phone, Fax, job title, academic degree, number of connections, Occupation, Company profile, address, industry, manager, haves, interests, qualifications wants , profile Id and other important information from Xing network. The Xing Lead Extractor is the best source for capturing information of more than 12 million professional users worldwide. You can approach Physicians, freshly baked food providers listed on Xing through our "Xing Lead Extractor". Xing Lead Extractor is a very important tool to promote your business. Xing Lead Extractor is the best tool to get contact information from Xing according to your business needs. Xing Lead Extractor allows us to export your data in .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files. By using Xing Lead Extractor software you can extract useful information in few seconds without putting extra efforts as compared to google searching and other methodology.

The unique feature of Xing lead Extractor:

  • Keyword based searching
    Lead Extractor searches your targeted customers based on your search keywords.
  • Advanced Search
    Using Xing Advanced search feature, search for members by keywords, industry, location, The company, experience level, and more.
  • Specific Xing Page Extractor
    Just open your required profiles page in Xing and ZLE will start extraction from the same page as opened in Xing.
  • Auto-save and Recovery
    Sometimes computer/software shutdowns unexpectedly; don't worry you can recover your search results just by one click.
  • Save Viewed Profiles History
    Xing Lead Extractor has the ability to save the history of viewed and saved profiles so that already saved profile should not view again.
  • Delay Option
    Option to set the delay between requests to simulate as is a human being is surfing in a browser.
  • Unicode Support
    Xing Lead Extractor supports Unicode character-set. You can save fetched search results in Unicode format.
  • Internet Failure Detector
    Xing Lead Extractor automatically pauses/resumes on internet failure during processing.
  • Open the last Search
    Software saves the history of the last search so that you can start your search from the same page from where you left.
  • Contacts Filtering
    You can also apply filters to get your targeted contact list.
  • Export Data
    The software provides options to save e-mail addresses in EXCEL format, CSV files (Opens in EXCEL), TAB delimited (.txt files) format.

Personal Views:

Xing lead Extractor is the only the best software I have ever used in my social marketing 10 years experience. I have experienced while using Xing lead Extractor that this too much light wait software as compare to other software I have ever use till now. Xing lead Extractor is having user-friendly Interface.

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