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XING is the leading social network for business professionals in German-speaking countries including Austria, Switzerland. The company was founded in August 2003 in Hamburg, Germany, and was named Open Business Club (or Open BC) until November 2006 . Later that year, XING became renewed and renamed and was the first Web 2.0 company in the world to do so. You can find a good job or can hire a potential candidate through Xing. Its main competitor is LinkedIn and the French Viadeo professional social network.

How Xing Is The Best Social Network To Reach Out To The Potential Customers/Candidate?

XING offers companies and recruiters a wide range of ways to attract new talent and interact with potential employees . Companies can publish and promote positions, workshops, events, and projects. Over 150,000 professional events are organized by XING every year, many of which are led by companies as a way to attract talent and market to other companies. Group pages allow companies to create live discussions in private or public settings. For example, The IBM Connection in Germany has approximately 11,000 members, providing the ideal place to chat on IBM products, technologies and trends.
Companies also share relevant news and information in the "About" section of their page. This allows brands to display recent awards and achievements, as well as current employee information and company reviews.
However, there are some options for access. First, potential candidates can be added as a contact on XING, and a message can either be added to the invitation, or a message can be sent to the user when they accept your invitation. Alternatively, one can contact the user through his other social channels, which are included in profiles under "Other web profiles" . XING also displays the user's work address in the "Contact details" pop-up menu, which may provide companies and employment providers a new way to access them.
Extract Xing Connections Data

How to Scrape Millions of Business Leads Data from Xing?

How to grab these millions of data from Xing? The best option is the Xing Leads Extractor . Extracting and processing this big data is a complex task, not an easy task. Extraction experts are necessary to extract and improve accurate data in specific formats like Excel files, CVS and text files. To get business leads data including contact information for the target field is a major need . You can get help from Xing Data Extractor which accurately extracts all required data. Data mining with Xing Leads Grabber is definitely helpful in generating business leads.

Extract and Get Xing Profile URL and Connection Details With Xing Lead Extractor To Grow Your Business

Xing is the world's most popular resource for contact details for professionals with more than 16.4 million users plus extensive targeting capabilities to attract advertisers. You can collect details of doctors, food providers, etc. Registered on Xing using "Xing Lead Extractor" .
Xing Profile Extractor is the ideal tool for getting contact details from Xing according to your requirements. Xing Scraper is the best Xing web data mining program in Germany and Europe to extract or scrape Xing data. It captures details such as name, profile URL, phone, fax, emails, job addresses , number of connections, profession, academic certificates, company profiles, industry, manager, address, qualifications, interests, and, much more important details from the Xing.
After scraping, you can save extracted data in many formats like Excel, CVS and Text files. Duplicate data will be deleted automatically, so you don't need to worry about data quality. Xing Email Scraper only finds target customer details depending on the keywords being searched for. Xing Profile Extractor supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000 and Net Framework v4.0. Moreover, you can scrape 700 Xing Profiles per day and 5,000 Profiles in one month with the help of this Xing Lead Extractor Tool.

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