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Web scraping is the process of extracting data from a website or any other source of information in the way you want it like a CSV file and XML and much more. For example, you want to improvise the way you want to launch your new product. Getting data that gives you all the information can be really helpful.
Web data scraping can scrape any form of content, and it takes only a shorter time for the process to complete it. All you have to do is choose the source or website you want to scrape it, perform the operation and find all the information saved in your system so you can easily monitor and manage your strategies .
Web scraping is an important technique for finding and using relevant data and information as part of a commercial market research strategy. The web data extraction through web extractor has proven to be a useful method in various components of business including market research, customer generation, SEO, online presence and financial strategy.

Some Important Fields Where Data Scraping Is Mostly Used

The power of data scraping is amazing, and the companies that use it to outperform their competitors .
There are many uses for web data scraping tool so we can't list them all even in a much longer article. Here are just some of the areas where data extraction is mostly used:

Sales leads
Real estate
Banking services
Social media

You can generate a lot of leads by extracting their contact information such as email addresses, URLs, and phone numbers.
When it comes to social media, one can scrap Google Maps, LinkedIn, Xing and yellow pages to retrieve social graphs, post jobs, and candidates, as well as extract and analyze results. Finally, modern marketing would be impossible without web data scraping .

What Are Some Important Web Data Scraping Tools To Get Potential Clients Data in 2020?

Companies try to stay on top avoiding risk losing business and profit. Web data scraping, or a process in which it "collects" publicly available data on websites, can play a big role in important business aspects like competitor analysis and price monitoring. Web scraping tools programs are specifically developed to extract useful information from websites. These tools are useful for anyone looking to collect potential data from the Internet. Web scraping software is a new data entry technology that does not require repeated writing or copying paste. Here is a curated list of top 4 data Scraping Tools that can help you get massive data of potential customers from multiple platforms like Google Maps, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Xing, and many other platforms to grow your business in 2020.
 Tools For Seeking Clients

1. Top lead extractor

If you are doing telemarketing, SMS marketing or email marketing, it is the best web data extraction program for you. Top Lead Extractor is a versatile utility that takes care of the need for contacts. It has the ability to extract contact details like email addresses, phone numbers, messenger, or Skype ids from multiple websites, to give you the best result with amazing speed. This program has the ability to search for thousands of emails and phone numbers within minutes. It can extract email addresses and phone numbers from the specified website , even entire search engines based on the keywords you have fed. You can save extracted emails and phone numbers in CSV, Excel and Text formats.
The Top Lead Extractor is an essential tool for companies and individuals looking for emails and phone numbers. The best part is that this email, social ids, and phone number finder is a combination of three tools you get for just one. So just use it to feel as effective as a business aid.

2. Google Map Extractor

Google Map Extractor is a very fast Google Maps data extraction tool available online. Google Maps Data Extractor is a data extraction tool that helps to collect data based on keywords and location. Just enter the name and location of the city you want to get results for, and it will bring the business name, business address, contact number, website URL, Google Maps ranking , rating & reviews, Google Maps links, category, etc. Extracted data can be downloaded in CSV, XLSX or text file formats. Google Maps Contact Extractor can help you achieve your goals.

3. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

If you need a powerful phone number search extractor that can extract thousands of phone numbers from multiple websites for telemarketing and SMS marketing campaigns, Cute Web Phone Number Extractor can be a very good choice. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor is designed for proactive telemarketers who want to quickly find customers for their companies. Phone Number Extractor is the most dynamic and popular tool for extracting phone numbers, fax and mobile numbers by using online search engine technologies like Google, Bing, Ask, Baidu, and Yahoo as well as websites and URLs. You can extract data from the internal pages of the site according to their needs and business requirements with this phone scraper.

4. Xing Lead Extractor

Xing data extractor is the best web harvesting tool that can extract 100% unique related data from Xing with one click. No single series of code required! Web data extraction is completely automatic. Xing Email Scraper is definitely a tool you need if your business is somehow connected to web data scraping. Data mining with Xing Lead Extractor is surely useful for generating business leads. Since this tool is a time-saver, it might be the best value for money, plus you can try the 7-day free version. You can extract data from 700 Xing Profiles daily. Xing lead Extractor supports all the latest and oldest versions of Windows.


Control of vital data points like competitor data (email address, phone numbers, business name, business address, and more) and your industry knowledge can lead to an unbeatable marketing combination . Through the data scraping platforms for efficient data analysis and integration you’re your own strategy, you will have a greater opportunity to make huge profits and grow your business. The 2020 market will have ups and downs and as technology continues to evolve, the path to online data scraping becomes easier. Web data scraping is not a new and complicated thing. In fact, it is an essential part of all companies today. Companies like Google and Facebook have their entire business model based on data extraction and are constantly evolving to extract more data. If they realize the value of this, so you should.

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