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Why Google Maps Data Is Very Important For You To Compete Your Competitor?

Google Maps is one of the most used services on the Internet. There are a lot of other reasons for using it other than its mapping app. The question now is why you should use Google Maps on all external competitors in the market. Next, we have a massive amount of data collected by Google in order to provide Google Maps users with the most complete framework in terms of other aspects of mapping. This includes things like traffic information, public transit schedules, business information, and, changes to city layouts, etc.
You simply have a lot of information to take advantage of that it hardly makes sense to go with other mapping services. In fact, more than two-thirds or 67% of respondents say they use it more frequently than other options. Over 155 million people use Google Maps daily.
Think about it.
Competition for traffic, ad placement, followers and sales. The list goes on and on. And while the idea of getting competitors data isn’t particularly “fun,” it’s absolutely necessary.
The report says Google Maps is six times more popular than the most used navigation app, Waze. Waze app has an adoption rate of only 12% among respondents. Apple Maps comes in third in proportion to an approval rate of 11%, and MapQuest ranks fourth with 8%.
The purpose of the survey and report was to help companies understand the importance of navigation applications on mobile devices to attract potential customers. As a small business, making your company available on Google Maps or another application allows your customers to easily find you on their mobile device.
 export Google Maps data

How to Extract Competitor Information from Google Maps?

It doesn't matter what industry you work in - Marketing is a competitive game to grab the attention of your audience. With so many marketing channels available today, this competition has often become fierce. Continuously staying on top of the competition is important in any industry, and data scraping tools play a huge role in getting the right data to analyze and compare it to your strategy and market position. If you are using manual copy and pasting the business listing details from your competitors or market leader Google maps, Google Maps Data Extractor will help you save time and efforts. You can extract a list of required data with complete details from multiple business listings into a required file format swiftly with a Google Maps Extractor Software.

How to Extract and Export Data from Google Maps to Excel for Your Business?

As you know, there is no easy way to extract contact information from Google Maps, because manually copying pasting data from Google Maps to excel, CSV or text file may take a long time. You can use their data mining tools that can collect listing details from Google Maps for a particular search query. You can use Google Map Extractor to extract phone numbers, emails and other details for any business listed on Google Maps for telemarketing/email marketing.

Extract 100% Real and Relevant B2B Data with Google Map Extractor to Expand Your Business

Google Map Extractor is a powerful web data extraction tool to scrape 100% accurate and real data from Google Maps to boost your company or product with a fair monthly price and unlimited access with no hidden fees forever.
You can extract multiple businesses from Google Maps in minutes with the sole purpose of engaging leads. With the Google Maps Data Extractor tool, you can easily extract all business details from Google Maps like business address, phone number/mobile number, website link, business type, rating, total reviews, opening hours, photo URL, latitude, longitude, and any other traffic/public information available on Google Maps. The best feature of this tool is that it allows you to use Google Chrome to search for the required data, you can search for anything anywhere and apply filters if you want it when search results appear, you can start the data extraction process and in a few minutes, you will have a huge list leads data.
You can easily extract data from multiple Google Maps listings, and can save extracted information in CSV, Txt or Excel sheets as you like. If you want to collect information about business in a specific area on Google Maps, you can do this easily with the help of the Google Map Extractor Tool. You can save a lot of time and money by using Google Maps Scraper because it can scrape 600-700 business listings in a day.

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