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Why Google Maps Data is So Important for Marketing/Business?

Everyone has their favorite Google app, and it's undoubtedly the Google map. Sure, Google Now is incredibly impressive (and improving all the time, thanks to Google's Artificial Intelligence, Rank Brain), but Maps is one of the apps Google has spent most of its time improving and optimizing, and the results speak for themselves. There is no doubt that Google Maps is one of the most useful tools that Google has provided to the world, but it is more than just a means of navigation without resorting to folding (bad) paper maps or asking people about directions - it's an incredibly powerful marketing tool.
Google handles about 5.6 billion searches a day and makes up nearly 90% of all searches on mobile devices. Over 13 million companies are listed on Google Maps every day. Google local searches also directly translate into sales, with 76% of those searching for local products visiting a store during the day. Google Maps data can direct thousands of potential customers to your business.
This is why Google Maps data is generally considered the most important aspect of business/marketing. So you can assume the amount of data you can collect from Google Maps to market it to grow your business. But how can you easily collect data from Google Maps without any human efforts with one click of a button? Let's talk about that.
Multiple Business Listing

How To Scrape And Get Multiple Business Listing Data From Google Maps?

Google Maps is the ultimate source for marketing data on business listings. Nobody has more data than Google Maps. But they will not share this data with the rest of us. For this reason, you need the Google Maps Data Extractor Tool. With a web scraper like Google Map Extractor , you can simply collect the data you want from Google without any human effort or programming knowledge.
You can use this data for marketing, to build your own niche directory, text, and telemarketing, or just collect it for lead generation. In short, Google Maps Data Extractor is suitable for large companies, Small & Medium Size Companies, and marketers, and help them obtain readable and useful data from Google Maps.
Extract Google Maps Data with Google Map Extractor and Grow Your Business In this rapidly developing digital age, Big Data and the Internet of Things create opportunities for organizations to solve complex problems, simplify their workflow, better understand their customers, and increase profits. Companies that have the ability to take advantage of this technology to acquire business intelligence are positioning themselves.
Google Maps Contact Extractor is a program that extracts multiple listing data from Google Maps automatically. This web scraper can extract the details of any business within the selection area and provide it in a simple format. Google Map Extractor is a data mining tool that helps to collect data based on keywords and location. You only need to enter the name and location of the city for which you want to fetch results and will fetch the business name, business address, contact number, website URL, Google Maps rankings, reviews, Google Maps links, latitude, longitude, category, etc.
Extracted data can be downloaded in CSV, XLSX or text file formats. Having a free option means that anyone is free to try the program and purchase the full version later to take advantage of the premium features available.

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