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Is Yellow Pages Data Useful In Marketing And Sales?

Yellow pages are the best source to get new customers, especially when one looks for local businesses. Yellow Pages directories are one of the main sources of free sales offers available online. You can quickly find business owners/companies as well as their contact information.
Yellow Page is a reliable source for extracting information about local businesses such as restaurants, shops, home services, automotive services, etc. You can make telemarketing, SMS and email marketing more effective and stable with this data. You can use web data extraction tools to extract details like phone numbers, emails, reviews, address, etc.
Yellow Pages to Excel

How Do You Access Yellow Pages Data and Export It To Excel Sheet?

What can you do if you have access to the Yellow Pages database?
Do You Build Niche Sites Directory?
Will it make your phone marketing campaign more effective with valid phone numbers?
Would you mass direct mail tens of thousands of businesses?

What if I tell you a way to easily access the same data as the yellow pages and can export it to Excel spreadsheet. A tool that will work for you. It is the Yellow Pages Extractor and it just happens that you are in the right article.

Yellow Pages Extractor is the best yellow pages scraper. No need to hire a team for collecting data or pay to data mining companies for buying a databases. With Yellow Pages Extractor tool you have full control of your data. Scrape your data anywhere you need it all with the push of a button and you can save this data into Excel, Text, and CSV formats. Yellow Pages Extractor Software works in all versions of Yellow Pages USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom.

Extract High-Quality Data in Huge Quantity Using Yellow Pages Extractor for Marketing and Sales

One of the high-quality Yellow Pages data extraction tools is Yellow Pages Extractor. This is one of the best ways to get high-quality data mining services at a low rate. The Yellow Pages Data Extractor ensures that all data extraction work is completed immediately. You can extract full business details for targeted companies for marketing and sales.
You can get accurate and relevant results using this tool that saves resources, time and cost. With this tool, a customer task can be completed in a much shorter period of time. You can extract thousands of business listing details with matching keywords within any location worldwide from Yellow Pages! It allows you to scrape business listings by entering input parameters like keywords or URL, city/state, and give the list of business details listed on the Yellow Pages website.
Extract the Following Details from the Yellow Pages
  • Google map location address
  • Yellow pages profile link
  • Business Name
  • Business address
  • Category
  • Telephone number
  • Rating
  • Reviews
  • Site Link
  • Email Data and much more
  • You can export your data in Excel, .CSV, (opens in excel) and .txt files.
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