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Is Google Maps Really A Great Source For Generating Leads Available On The Internet?

The Internet provides us a lot of lead generation sources that you can use to generate leads according to your business type to market your product or service. One of these sources is Google Maps and is probably the best source because almost all works are listed in Google Maps. Unlike other business directories targeting specific countries or categories, Google Maps has a business listing from each location on Earth and all types of businesses.
Google Maps is one of the main sources of free sales leads available online. You can find complete details of any business on Google Maps. You can create your own contact lists, prospecting lists, targeted business mailing lists, cold contact lists, business email lists for your email and telemarketing campaigns using Google Maps.

How Can You Easily Extract B2B Leads Data From Google Maps To Excel?

Google Maps is easy to use. You just need to enter the business name and start searching for the required information. Instantly shows full details of the business you searched for. Search results can show thousands of results across multiple webpages. To make huge database of Google Maps data. You need to copy and paste the data from each profile into an Excel spreadsheet, which is a time-consuming and difficult task. Imagine how much time it would take to copy thousands of Google Maps Businesses information to Excel.
This is where Google Map Extractor can help you quickly export Google Maps results in Excel with a single click. This Google Maps scraper will extract every location resulting in a Google Maps search and extract all available data.
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Why You Should Use Google Map Extractor To Generate More Leads From Google Maps?

Whether it is getting to know the exact location of a company, market, price comparisons of a product price you're interested in or Improving your SERP's website ranking, there are many reasons why you use a scraper. You need detailed contact information. Google Map Extractor is a powerful Google Maps extraction tool to grow your company or product by generating B2B leads. With the Google Map Extractor tool, you can easily extract all business details from Google Maps like address, latitudes, longitudes, plus code, phone number, website link, business type, URL image, opening hours, rating, reviews and many other publicly available information on Google Maps.
Google Map Extractor is a web scraping tool that helps you create lists of new leads in no time. It's quite easy to use. The Google Map Extractor intelligently extracts the name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses of many companies and exports them to an Excel spreadsheet. It deletes duplicate contacts and help you create an error-free database on your own in a few minutes. Your contact list, prospect list, the list of business phone numbers, or any list you want to create from Google Maps is ready with one click. You can save this extracted data in many formats such as Excel, CSV, and text files.

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