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In 2019 every business owner wants to grow their business by boosting quality leads. Quality Leads are important for business success and growth because leads can keep you in touch with people or a group of companies who might be interested in your business products or services . There are many ways to generate, and engaging leads like email marketing, telemarketing, SMS marketing etc. But all of these leads generation methods you need to scrape the web for collecting leads data like emails and phone numbers. That’s the reason we need to scrape the web. And for scraping web we need web scraper software.

Why web scraping tools are so important to extract leads data from Web?

Extract quality leads data by using the best web scraper tool. Web scraper tools make our lives easier and allow us to generate and extract leads on a large scale in a short time. Knowing which tools to use and how to use them successfully can save you a lot of time to experience each solution . Web scraping is the process of extracting data from websites and converting them into a usable format. The following are the best data scraping and extraction tools for extracting / scraping data from the world's best sites. web data scraper
1) Top Lead Extractor
2) Cute Web Phone Number Extractor
3) Cute Email Extractor
4) Yellow Pages Extractor
5) Google Map Extractor

Top Lead Extractor

A Great Tool for Email addresses, phone numbers, and messenger IDs
Top Lead Extractor is one of the best and prominent web scraper applications for extracting phone numbers, emails and social ids in one place. The top lead extractor can extract useful information from the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, etc. You can export your results in .xlsx files and CSV files (opens in EXCEL) and opens the selected TAB format (.txt files) in Notepad. You can easily get customer details like emails, phone numbers and social ids in a specific area by searching with your business keywords.

How The Top Lead Extractor Tool Can Help You Attract More Potential Customers

It can collect the email addresses, phone numbers and social IDs of your potential customers for email marketing, telemarketing and SMS marketing campaigns to boost your business sales. If you want to extract website data, you can just enter the relevant keyword and Top Lead Extractor will automatically pull the data from the website in minutes. Top Lead Extractor proved its efficiency and ability in front of more than thousands of its users around the world in searching the leads data and storing them in a text file, spreadsheet, or database. In short, data extracting can be the best tool for marketers and can guarantee tremendous value for money.

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