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LinkedIn is one of the best tools to obtain business leads and business data. But getting all that LinkedIn data into a format you can analyze is a big hassle .
Well, it used to be.
Because now you can use LinkedIn Company Extractor's Pre-Defined LinkedIn web scraper to quickly and easily extract business information , reviews, and more from LinkedIn company profiles. No coding is needed at all to use it!
Our advanced LinkedIn scraping tools work like a real user, allowing you to extract all the data you need without being blocked from LinkedIn.
All you need is LinkedIn Company Extractor software and a search URL from LinkedIn, and you can turn the valuable information in LinkedIn into a spreadsheet or an API, enabling you to finally leverage this powerful database.
In this post, we walk you step-by-step through the whole process. But first...
Extract Business Emails From LinkedIn With A LinkedIn Scraper

Why scrape LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an incredible database of all the local and international businesses in any given location. Unlocking this LinkedIn data can give your business a competitive edge in the market.
Here are a few things LinkedIn data can help you with:

Market Research

Market Research can help companies to solve customer and company issues. The LinkedIn business data can help companies figure out the opportunity gap between the market offering and consumer expectations.

Data aggregation

Data aggregation can help businesses to take big decisions. It opens many opportunities for a company to grow. For example, if you are starting a digital marketing company, you can extract review data of the most popular digital marketers to ensure you collaborate with the best of them and provide your customers with the best services.

Data sorting

The data in LinkedIn includes addresses, emails, connections, contact numbers , etc. Extracting this LinkedIn data as a spreadsheet or API enables the data to be sorted, rearranged, and analyzed with ease.

Lead Generation

Manually hunting LinkedIn for a list of local businesses and copying their business and contact information is an exhausting process. When you scrape LinkedIn using the LinkedIn Company Extractor software, you quickly gather a list of LinkedIn leads that would be impossible to collect manually.

What Kind Of Data Do You Get From LinkedIn?

With our pre-built, no-code LinkedIn scraper, you will get: Name of the Business
Number of Reviews
Type of establishment
The about Section
Complete Address
Business Timings
Phone Number
Website URL
Email Address
Popular Timings (in the day) Photos Reviews, etc.

How To Scrape LinkedIn Using LinkedIn Company Extractor?

We’re going to show you how to use LinkedIn Company Extractor's ready-made LinkedIn Scraper to extract data from LinkedIn. With this LinkedIn lead generation tool, you will be able to extract any business's information on LinkedIn including reviews, images, opening times, and phone numbers.
  • Step 1: Download The Software

  • If you don't already have LinkedIn Company Extractor software, you can download the software from our website (
  • Step 2: Find Data With URL And Keywords

  • Open LinkedIn Data Extractor software and open LinkedIn in a new tab and find the data you are looking for by running a search. For this example, let's search for the best SEO experts in London. Once you have searched, copy the profile URL and go back into LinkedIn Company Extractor. Paste the URL we copied. Moreover, you can find data by business name, address, and zip code.
  • Step 3: Run the LinkedIn Extractor

  • Click the "Run LinkedIn Extractor " button to begin the extractor session.
  • Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Let LinkedIn Company Extractor Get Your Data

  • You will get a pop-up telling you the LinkedIn contact extractor is running and the status of the LinkedIn scraper will show as "running". Our LinkedIn scraping tool works like a real user, allowing you to extract all the data from LinkedIn you need without being blocked. Because of this, it can take a few minutes to scrape all the results from LinkedIn , depending on how many there are in the starter URL you input.
  • Step 5: Download Your Data

  • You will be notified by email once the LinkedIn scraping has finished. You can export the data from the LinkedIn data export tool to your local device with a click of a button. You can download it as CSV, Excel, and Text files.


Scraping LinkedIn is a great start to a data-driven strategy to grow your business. Our LinkedIn Company scraper makes it easier than ever. With just a click of a button, you will have a plethora of data from LinkedIn to work with.

And the best part?

LinkedIn crawler requires no coding and we take care of all the infrastructure and maintenance. With LinkedIn Company Extractor, LinkedIn scraping is just that easy.

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