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Are your prospects on LinkedIn? Are they specialists in digital marketing, web development, graphic designing, or anything else? Do you want to scrape data from LinkedIn for a specific area for recruiting, marketing, or lead generation? Scraping LinkedIn data with LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor is very useful when your prospects are on LinkedIn.

What Is LinkedIn Data Scraper?

With LinkedIn Data Scraper, you can easily extract important data from LinkedIn: categories, addresses, User IDs, names, skills, email IDs, fax and phone numbers, social media links, website links, job history, and much more.
One of the most distinctive features of this LinkedIn scraping tool is that LinkedIn Profile Scraper allows you to scrape information based on specific keywords from LinkedIn, and you can research the results within a specific area with zip codes.
Plus, LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor allows you to scrape information comfortably and area-wise data with great care.

Scraping LinkedIn Search Results Made Easy

Easily export LinkedIn data to the spreadsheet by simply adding the search URL from LinkedIn to this automation.
What Is LinkedIn Data Scraper And How To Use It Here’s how to easily scrape profiles from LinkedIn to a spreadsheet using

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor:

  • Download and launch the LinkedIn Scraper software.
  • Specify the URL of the search you want to extract from LinkedIn and how many pages to extract.
  • Start the automation now or schedule LinkedIn scraping for later. Questions About Linkedin Recruiter Extractor

How Many Results Can I Extract From Linkedin?

Our LinkedIn scraper can export all the results displayed in a LinkedIn search. Keep in mind that the more LinkedIn results, the longer it takes. A rough estimate would be 10 min for 200 results.

Can I Scrape Email Addresses From LinkedIn With LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor?

Yes, you can export email addresses if the user has left this data public. The presence of emails and phone numbers differ greatly depending on the industry you’re in.

How To Run LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor?

Here we will see the steps of the execution & the inputs required for this LinkedIn Crawler.
The whole execution will play around these 5 input points & the total time to execute this will be around 1-2 minutes, depending on the number of LinkedIn search results you want to extract.
  • Find Data By Name And Zip Code:

  • You can find data by name, zip code, and addresses on LinkedIn with this LinkedIn Lead Generation tool. After that, you have to select which results you want to scrape. After selection, you can extract data from the selected results easily with the help of the button “Extract” given in the software.
  • LinkedIn Profile Link:

  • Enter the LinkedIn profile URL in the respective field of the software. You can leave this empty if you have a CSV file or a Google Sheet which we can upload to extract data from this list of URLs.
  • A Number Of Pages:

  • LinkedIn results share a lot of pages as results, you can specify how many of those pages you want to scrape in this field.
  • Export Data From LinkedIn:

  • After scraping data from LinkedIn, you will see all the data on the software screen. Now, you can export this data to an Excel or CSV sheet with the button “Export” given in the LinkedIn Extractor software. But to export data from software to your computer, you have to buy the license of the LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper. Its license price for 3 months is just $99.99.
  • Schedule The LinkedIn Scraping Task:

  • You can schedule your LinkedIn scraping hourly, minutely, and weekly according to your time, needs, and business.


You should bear in mind that LinkedIn Recruiter Data Scraper may restrict your LinkedIn search results; so, we suggest using specific keywords (such as zip, area, category, business, or username) to get deeper and better results while scraping the data from LinkedIn.
Moreover, this LinkedIn Data Extractor will not work accurately and will not show reliable results if there are changes in the LinkedIn source codes, or if the information of LinkedIn is made private, meaning that the privacy settings have been changed.
In short, LinkedIn Contact Extractor is suitable for enterprises, recruiters, marketers, freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses, and webmasters, and helps them get readable and scalable information from LinkedIn. It works like a desktop application and automates real user behavior.

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