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The famous phrase, ‘sales start with leads,’ emphasizes the importance of sustaining a business with quality leads. By definition, leads are persons who are interested in your business or products.
If you have a large number of leads, you can earn a lot of profit and grow your business effectively.
You might think it is an easy task, but it is a great challenge for more than 60% of B2B marketers. Even big organizations invest 60% of their time and money to get quality prospects. What if there is a way to generate b2b leads without a man automatically? Enter, LinkedIn scraping.
LinkedIn scraping is a tested and trusted method of optimizing the lead generation process and obtaining a real and valid list of contact information of prospects.

Boost Your Lead Generation With LinkedIn Scraping

Has it ever happened to you, to start a new business, but have no clients?
You know your product and business are great, but you don't know where to find clients' data to approach them.
You could search on LinkedIn, but it'd be too long to find and send emails to every potential user!
LinkedIn Scraping could be a solution for you.
Boost Your Lead Generation Process With LinkedIn Scraping

What Is LinkedIn Scraping?

    A LinkedIn Scraper is a tool used to extract data from LinkedIn profiles and search results.
    LinkedIn Scraper can have many forms:
    It can be an extension.
    It can be a desktop application like LinkedIn Company Extractor
    Let’s say you want data from LinkedIn top 100 companies, you can get it by hand in the Startup:
    But there are a few problems:
    It’s long: You have to click on each LinkedIn profile to get your data.
    It’s incomplete: Many people kept their contact information private! You have to get this data yourself by asking them, which can make the process even longer.
    It’s manual work not automated: If new companies come in the top 100, your data becomes deprecated.
    It's not scalable: the more data you need from LinkedIn, the more time you have to spend.
    By using a LinkedIn Scraping Tool, you can get this data fast and automatically from LinkedIn for any company!
    A simple LinkedIn Data Scraper will do the following steps:
    Going on the LinkedIn profile.
    Getting data (Company name, address, description, email address, phone number, social media links ...).from thousands of LinkedIn company profiles is possible in seconds.

Is LinkedIn Scraping Legal?

Yes, LinkedIn Scraping is legal, technically. During the LinkedIn vs. HIQ labs dispute, the US court said that LinkedIn data was public and not copyrighted, there was nothing illegal about scraping data from LinkedIn.
Just make sure that your targeted data is publicly available on LinkedIn and that you don’t use it illegally, of course.

What Data Can I Extract With LinkedIn Scraping?

Virtually any piece of public data on the LinkedIn profile. The data you want from LinkedIn such as an email address, phone number, social media links, ratings, reviews, description, and staff of a company from a LinkedIn profile can be scraped with the help of a LinkedIn Data scraping tool.

Which Tool Is The Best For LinkedIn Scraping?

There are plenty of LinkedIn scraping tools for every type of use and skill level.
Desktop applications like LinkedIn Company Extractor are a good start:
  • LinkedIn Contact Extractor is easy to use.
  • It can retrieve data from LinkedIn company profiles with a simple structure.
  • No Code tools like LinkedIn Company Data Extractor offer great possibilities:
  • They automate data extraction from LinkedIn.
  • It have many filters to apply for getting necessary data from LinkedIn.
  • It is highly customizable and affordable.
  • If you don’t have programming skills, you can use it easily for data scraping from LinkedIn with a click of a button.
  • Keep in mind that LinkedIn is protected against Web Scraping. So using already made LinkedIn scraping tools is a good option to extract data from LinkedIn. Because they update the software daily and know every term and condition of LinkedIn for data scraping.


LinkedIn Company Extractor is a powerful and cheap way to get a massive amount of data from LinkedIn company profiles, legally. You don’t even need to have IT skills to use this LinkedIn lead generation tool, and it allows you to extract data automatically.

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