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Sales management and marketing profession are changing day by day. New technologies and media advances the client’s needs and merging to restructure the basics and fundamentals of business success. The success of every business and boosting up sales depends on the quality and quantity of leads.

Why Business Sales Depend on Leads?

The biggest challenges for B2B sales professionals and marketers are to generate quality business leads. They need to search and generate quality business leads based on company, industry, and business products. From my experience, I would like to say that the main concern for business success is the generation of quality business sales leads. A lead is a person or group of persons or companies that have shown some curiosity and interest in your business product and services. Therefore, generating the best quality business leads are more important for business sales.
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Why LinkedIn is the best Social Networking Platform for Leads Generation?

Among all social sites, LinkedIn is the best Social Networking Platform for generating business leads. It is now revealed that LinkedIn has more than 500 million professionals, companies, students, candidates and individual profiles who are currently looking for new business opportunities. According to B2B Marketers, LinkedIn has 80% of social media B2B leads. LinkedIn is an exceptional social platform for generating the best quality business leads in 2019.

How can you generate and extract Business Leads from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most excellent and most admired social platform for generating business leads. But Due to the huge number of profiles, extraction of leads data from LinkedIn is difficult and tricky. You must use LinkedIn lead scraping software to generate business leads. I recommend LinkedIn Company Extractor to generate quality business leads from LinkedIn according to your business requirements. LinkedIn Company Extractor can extract the business leads data automatically.

By using LinkedIn Company Extractor you can extract companies profiles data such as Business detail, product, Contact information (emails, phone numbers available on Google), Company Followers, official sites links, Year founded, Industry types, products type , business Address, Country name, and Business Names, etc. You can save the data in different formats to use it communicate later.

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