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LinkedIn is also a social media platform with a large user base. LinkedIn is a professional and business-oriented online service website that shares important information about the business cult.
This platform is designed for people to share their resumes, career history, experiences, and professional skills that help build business relationships and find relevant jobs . In short, LinkedIn is the world's largest business-focused social media site with 740 million users in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn works with a large amount of data and its main focus is professional networking.

Why LinkedIn data scraping?

A good LinkedIn profile opens the door to business, educational, and networking opportunities. Many people still underestimate the power of LinkedIn when it comes to branding. But it is not, the big data available on this platform can help you scale your business and gain invaluable insights about your business.
But the question is how to Extract LinkedIn Data with such large data. If we follow the manual process of uploading CV, copying and pasting the information manually, it would take a lot of time and effort and increase the human cost.
Extract data from LinkedIn without coding This social media platform is packed with unlimited data and brands should consider web scraping to mine big data. Companies can utilize LinkedIn Data Scraping to get access to high-quality , large-volume, and structured data that can be examined and turned into commercial opportunities.
Data such as User Title, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email ID, Position, User Location, Contact Number, LinkedIn URL, User Image, about the user and much more can be retrieved using a LinkedIn Lead scraper. LinkedIn can be a important source of data for you and your business , as it is also one of the most trusted social networks in 2019. It's also one of the most popular B2B marketing platforms. Is scratching legal on LinkedIn? Well, the answer to this question is yes. The court ruled that scraping LinkedIn to acquire public data was legal despite the company's claims that it violates user privacy. LinkedIn Scraping can be of great benefit to B2B marketers , recruiting companies, retail companies, and many other industries, depending on your needs.

Why LinkedIn Scrapers?

With LinkedIn Data Extractors, you can extract important information such as name, phone, email, connections, country, regions , current company, current position, education, page source, reference number, source URL, websites, and much plus. If you want to integrate this data into your business operations, Ahmad Software Technologies is a professional Scraping tool provider that provides for businesses. The Software provided is in an easy-to-use format such as CSV, XLSX, PDF, TXT, and JSON. The advantage of using Web Scraping Software is that it saves a lot of time.

Benefits of LinkedIn data scraping

Web Data scraping eliminates the need to manually search for relevant profiles. It also supports premium and recruiter profiles. By using LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor, you don't have to go through multiple accounts, you can have all this information very quickly and in a well-organized and comprehensive way. The main feature of LinkedIn Web Scraping is that you get all the information you want in one place and just one click.

Use LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor to get data from LinkedIn

LinkedIn Leads Data Extractor can extract visible data from the web page. It retrieves Business Name, Email, Phone Number, Yahoo Messenger ID, Skype ID, Google Talk ID, and other information automatically. You can save your data in.xlsx. CSV, and.txt files (which open in Excel).


  • Paid software 50 $ per Month license
  • Compatibility with Windows systems
  • Point and click user interface
  • Extract data according to a rule configured on the client-side.
  • Few words

    LinkedIn data mining is cost-effective, fast, and highly efficient. Web Scraping LinkedIn can deliver key market and talent insights while providing tools in an easy and intuitive way to deliver a pool of talent and the right information for your business. Ahmad Software Technologies is a Software company and guarantees maximum benefits to those looking for fast data.

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