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LinkedIn has transformed the way over 500 million business profiles from 200 plus countries around the world connect with each other, making it an amazingly valuable social resource for B2B leads. Getting leads from social selling can be an intimidating job, but in today’s age, it is essential for the success and development of your B2B business. If you are a B2B sales manager, then LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you a lot.

Big firms and small companies can get vital leads information from LinkedIn Sales Navigator whether you are searching for business experts, business service providers or new clients/prospects. However, it is not simple to extract/export leads information and saves it in Excel, other documents and spreadsheets for later use. But I will tell you how you can export leads data from LinkedIn sales navigator. Email Extractor Best way to export your leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to an Excel file LinkedIn has a massive number of business profiles and you can get leads data from LinkedIn such as names, email ids, social IDs and other information. And you cannot extract and export leads data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator manually. I suggest you the best way to extract Quality b2b leads data from LinkedIn by using LinkedIn Scraping Softwares. LinkedIn Scraping Software will surely help you to extract and export leads data so that you can make your own massive leads database from LinkedIn. This LinkedIn Scraping Software named as LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor, It can extract leads data according to your business needs and targeted audience.

By using LinkedIn sale navigator extractor . you can extract B2B Leads data such as name, valid Email ids, valid Phone Address, social ids (Yahoo id, messenger id, Skype Id, Google Talk ID, etc) and other leads contact information from LinkedIn sales navigator. You can export your leads data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to an Excel file and other files such as .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files.

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