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Web scraping can unlock valuable information for businesses of all kinds. As a result, many businesses will employ someone to handle their web scraping initiatives.
If you are interested in providing this service, you have come to the right place. We have put together a comprehensive guide on how to offer web scraping services to your clients.
Before we get into the details, let's go over some of the basics.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is a term used to collect information from websites on the Internet. Most of the time, this is done through automated tools or bots. Customers interested in web scraping services will generally have a goal in mind such as "I want all the names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of all the contacts in this directory." Then the scrape tool will crawl this website to extract this information and export it to the desired format (Excel, JSON, XML, etc.).

Web scraping services

We are one of the leading web scraping service providers offering efficient website scraping, website mining and data mining services. Our scraping services combine technology and expertise to analyze each piece of dataand turn it into important information that helps our clients manage their businesses. Our web scraping services are innovative, reliable, affordable and fast.
A Complete Guide to Providing Web Scraping Services

What is scraping for?

There are many reasons why people and businesses retrieve data from a website.
Here are some of the most common use cases we've come across:
  • Directory Lead Information Extraction - Either individual contact information or company information for incorporation into CRMs. For example, Scrape-off platforms like Yelp or the Yellow Pages.
  • Market Research: Scrape off fees and other product information from e-commerce websites, vehicles from dealer sites, trips to travel sites, or property information from real estate sites
  • Collect site data for various research purposes
  • Create aggregators that collect blog posts, classifieds, or job postings
  • Extract data from an old website to move content to a new website, where export or API is not available
  • Regularly scrape the rates of stocks or crypto currencies
  • Scrape reviews and comments for sentiment analysis
  • Is web scraping legal?

    Web scraping is legal in most cases. Although we cannot provide you with legal experience, we recommend that you read some of the following documents and always check the terms of use of the website you are retrieving.

    The best web scraper

    Now that you've learned the fundamentals of scraping, you're probably thinking which web scraper is best for you.
    The more information you have about your scraping requirements, the more accurate your assessment of the finest scraper for you will be. That didn't stop us from putting together a tutorial on how to choose the best web scraper.
    Of course, we always recommend Anysite Scraper. Download and install but it comes with an incredibly powerful set of features that we discussed in this article. Including a friendly user interface, cloud-based removal, exceptional customer support.

    How Anysite Scraper Is Different from Other Software?

    Most scraper software are designed to extract data from limited website’s only, and you are forced to use what they provide, and they can only extract data from one website at a time or don't support browsers, but with our Anysite Scraper, you can create your own scraper project for any website based on your own data requirements, and it can run multiple scraper projects for different websites at the same time. You can also customize each project's settings.
    This software is entirely automated and capable of extracting data on its own. Anysite Scraper can export each project's harvested data as an EXCEL, CSV file (Opens in EXCEL) file.

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