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Most of the users do not know the reason why their account is blocked. LinkedIn has a hidden profiles limits per day for premium accounts and monthly limit with basic account. Basic account monthly limit varies depending on the number of 1st degree connections in your LinkedIn network.

Main common reasons of LinkedIn account suspension or blocking are:
  • Send too much profiles view requests to the server within limited time. For example send 100 profiles requests within 10 minute.
  • Over access LinkedIn profiles per your daily/monthly limit. For premium accounts per day limit is different for each account type:
    • Basic: 100 profiles daily till monthly limit ends.
    • Business Plus: 350 profiles daily.
    • Executive: 500 profiles daily.
    • Pro: 700 profiles daily.
    • Sales Navigator: 1200 profiles daily.
    • Recruiter: 1800 profiles daily.
Hope if anyone follows the limits then LinkedIn will not block the account.
Note: We have shared our personal experience.

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