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Why Web Scraping To Collect Data?

Many businesses today depend on public data to grow business quickly. Regardless of the industry, you work in, sooner or later, you’ll have to extract data from the websites using different search engines to carry out a project. Obtaining that data for a small project could be as simple as copying and pasting it, but when it comes to large data for multiple projects, web scraping is the best solution.
Unfortunately, not all websites would like to be scraped by a spammer; that’s why you need the best web data scraper to scrape data from websites without being blocked. In this article, I’ll tell you about the 5 best web scraping tools to scrape data from multiple websites without getting blocked while scraping websites.

What Are The Best Web Scraping Tools To Scrape Data From Websites Without Being Blocked?

Getting blacklisted while scraping data is a common issue for everyone. Before scraping data from any website, make sure your target website allows data gathering from its page. Inspect the robot's exclusion protocol (robots.txt) file and respect the rules of the website. There is a list of the 5 best web crawling tools for you to prevent getting blacklisted while scraping and crawling websites and they all follow the website guidelines, so you don’t need to worry about being blocked by any websites.
Top 5 Best Web Scraping Tools To Scrape Web Data Without Getting Blocked
  • 1. Anysie Scraper

  • Don’t get confused by its name; Anysite Web Scraper is a robust website crawler for extracting almost every kind of data you need from different kinds of websites like social media sites, e-commerce, sites, and business directories. You can use Anysite Web Extractor to rip a website with its extensive functionalities and capabilities. The user-friendly point-and-click interface allows the user to collect data from the website without having any knowledge about programming. As a result, you can extract website content easily and save it into structured formats like Excel and CSV or your databases in a short time frame.
    In addition, Website Leads Extractor enables you to extract the dynamic data in real-time and keep a tracking record of the website updates. You can also extract complex websites with a difficult structure by using its XPath configuration to locate elements precisely. You don't need to worry about IP blocking anymore.
    The Website Extractor offers IP proxy servers that will automate the IPs, leaving them without being detected by aggressive websites. To conclude, Anysite Scraper should be able to satisfy most of the users’ crawling needs, both basic or advanced, without any coding skills.
  • 2. Google Map Extractor

  • As a Google Maps website crawler, Google Map Extractor provides functions well suited for downloading an entire Google Maps business listing to your PC. Google Maps Scraper supports all the latest and older versions of Windows. You can get photos, websites, ratings, reviews, business names, locations, latitude, longitude, and much more from Google Maps business by using this Google Maps business extractor.
    In addition, proxy support is available within Google Places Scraper for maximizing speed and preventing being blocked. With that said, Google Maps Data Miner should be preferred and used more by marketers, freelancers, and local businesses.
  • 3. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

  • This web crawler tool can browse websites for phone numbers and store the extracted contact information in a proper format like CSV, Excel, or, Text files. It is one of the simplest phone number finder tools, which is easy to use and offers you the convenience to extract phone numbers from websites without writing a single line of code. You can find anyone’s phone number by zip code, mobile company code, website URL, and keywords by using this phone number scraper without getting blocked.
  • 4. Cute Web Email Extractor

  • The Cute Web Email Scraper enables users to get real and relevant email data from crawling online sources from all over the world into various, clean formats. You can easily get thousands of emails from websites in minutes without writing a single line of code based on your requirements by using this email crawler. The Email Scraper follows the website's guidelines and doesn’t harm the website page, so you don’t need to worry about being blocked.
  • 5. Top Lead Extractor

  • Top Lead Extractor is an email and phone number extractor software. It’s designed for both programmers and non-programmers. The email and phone number finder can automatically scrape emails, phone numbers, and social media URLs from websites without being blocked, and save the scraped content in various formats like CSV, Excel, or, Text files.

    Final Thoughts

    Now you know about 5 data scraping tools to avoid getting blocked while scraping websites. The use of proxies would make it hard for anti-scraping systems to detect your scraper, so you can use these web harvesting tools to decrease your chances of getting blocked.

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