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What Are The Best Web Crawling Tools In 2021?

Web crawling tools (also known as web scraping tools or screen scraping tools) are broadly applied in many fields today. Before a web scraper tool ever becomes public, it is the magic word for people with no programming skills. The internet has a billion amounts of data to scrape for but it is almost impossible to collect this data manually without a web harvesting tool. A web crawler that can help you to grow your business with a real and updated database. Because:
It prevents repetitive work like copying and pasting.
It puts extracted data into a well-structured format, like CSV, Excel, and Text files.
It saves you time and money because you don’t need to hire a professional programmer.
It is a magic for marketers, sellers, journalists, YouTubers, researchers, and many others who lack technical skills and want to collect a huge amount of data without any coding.
I’ve listed the top 5 best web crawlers for you as a reference. You’re welcome to take full advantage of it!
  • 1. Anysite Scraper

  • Don’t get confused by its name; Ansyite Web Scraper is a robust website crawler for extracting almost every kind of data you need on websites. You can use Anysite Scraper to rip a website with its extensive functionalities and capabilities. The user-friendly point-and-click interface enables the user to extract and export data from websites in minutes.
    5 Best Web Crawling Tools To Scrape Data Without Coding In 2021
    You can also extract complex website data with a difficult structure by using this web scraper. You have no need to worry about IP blocking anymore and programming knowledge. You can scrape data from different e-commerce websites, social media sites, and business directories by using this web data extractor. This means you can scrape data from Facebook, Twitter, Yellow Pages, Amazon, Yelp, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, White Pages, and many more sites,
  • 2. Google Map Extractor

  • Google Map Extractor is the most used and easy-to-use web scraper for Google Maps. It allows you to download an entire business listing data in a proper format. After you launch Google Places Scraper, you can enter a business listing URL or a business name and choose the search results you want to download before it gets started.
    Google Maps Grabber offers a single interface for scraping tiny or huge amounts of business listings data per need. It is one of the simplest Google Maps Scraping Tools, which offers you the convenience to scrape Google maps data without writing a single line of code.
  • 3. Top Lead Extractor

  • Top Lead Extractor is another great and non-coding web scraper with a simple point-and-click interface. You can get a real-time email and phone number database from several web pages and export the extracted data as CSV, Excel, or, Text files.
    Email and Phone Number Extractor enables users to schedule their projects to be run at a specific time or repeat the sequence every minute, day, week, month, or year. Users could use it to extract email, phone numbers, Skype ids, and messenger ids from websites.
  • 4. Cute Web Email Extractor

  • Email Extractor is a point-and-click web scraping software. It’s designed for both programmers and non-programmers. Email Scraper can automatically scrape emails with user names from websites, and save the scraped emails in various formats. You can find anyone’s email by name and website URL by using this email crawler. If you need anyone's email to contact him/her or you need a bulk email database for email marketing then this email grabber is for you.
  • 5. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

  • Phone Number Scraper is a phone number extraction tool that helps thousands of telemarketers to fetch valuable phone number databases from thousands of websites without any coding. Phone Number Grabber supports fetching huge amounts of mobile number databases along with the option to download the extracted data instantly. You can find someone’s phone number by name, zip code, mobile company code, and website URL.

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