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How To Collect Data From Social Media In Structured Format?

Looking for data to fuel your business strategy? You simply can’t collect data by searching on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon for what you’re looking for and copying them manually to a spreadsheet. It doesn't make any sense to copy-paste data from thousands of websites. Although search engines can help you find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds, the data you would find is not structured and hence can’t be used for analysis. Social media contain open and public discussions about every conceivable topic. These discussions can provide invaluable insights into the views and narratives among consumers, influencers, and businesses. But the information is unstructured in the form of text and images, and spread out across a large number of social media platforms. Making sense of it has typically required programming and data science skills: the data needs to be collected, preprocessed, structured, and analyzed. But, you don’t need to worry. You can scrape all social media sites and business directories except Google Maps and Linkedin by using Anysite Scraper and you don’t need any special programming skill to use it.

Stop Copy-Paste! Use Anysite Scraper To Scrape Any Website

When you start an online business you definitely need potential customer data to sell your products. All this data is available on Google, Social media sites, and Business Directories websites. You can copy-paste data from a specific website for a specific purpose. But, what will you do when you need to collect data from multiple websites. I know it will be a very very lengthy and boring process. On the other hand, If you buy web scraper software for all these websites separately, it will be much more expensive.
Scrape Data From Social Media Sites Without Any Coding This is where Anysite Scraper comes to our rescue. It is a web data extraction tool that you can download and install on your laptop/PC to give it data scraping capabilities. It lets you start extracting data from multiple web pages with a few mouse clicks. The Web Data Extractor comes with a lot of recognition and extraction features that can get you the results you need out of the box. You can also customize it to meet your specific scraping needs.

Features of Anysite Scraper Software

Scrape Social Media Sites, E-Commerce Sites, And Business Directories Websites You can scrape all social media sites and business directories by using this web scraper such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Yellow Pages, Manta, For Square, etc.
  • Build Your Own Custom Web Scraper

  • The main and the biggest advantage of the web extractor is that you can build your custom scraper for any website without any coding. You can make Facebook scraper, Yelp scraper, Twitter scraper, and you don’t need special programming skills to do this.
  • Extract Email Ids and Phone Numbers

  • With this online email and phone number finder, your marketing campaigns have become easier. You can now scrape any website, text files, scrap email addresses, and phone numbers, and you are still at liberty to generate a massive, filtered mailing list or phone number list for your marketing campaigns.
  • Fastest Data Extraction

  • Using the Anysite Scraper is not only convenient but faster in execution. You can extract 1000’s of emails and phone numbers within a few minutes.
  • Easy-To-Use And Friendly Interface

  • Everyone hates complications! This is why Business Directory Scraper has a user-friendly interface. Anysite Scraper doesn’t need any special programming knowledge before usage.
  • Filter Options

  • The Web Page Extractor has many filter options. So, you can now use any mode according to your needs. No duplicate emails! No invalid phone numbers!
  • Collect Data With Keywords From Various Search Engines

  • With this tool in place, users can collect a huge amount of useful data from various search engines like google, Bing, Yandex, e.t.c using this efficient web crawler tool. You can type your keywords or you can add website URLs in the search section of the tool to get more accurate and relevant results.
  • Saves Time and Money

  • With the automatic activity, you can save your valuable time and lots of money for marketing. It will help the business to increase performance.
  • Data Protection and Accuracy

  • You are the protector of your data. It is your choice to share your data with anyone or want to sell extracted data to any purchaser. Because all the extracted data of potential clients will be saved in your local computer/laptop in various formats such as CSV, Excel, and Text files.
  • Affordable for Freelancers and Any Companies

  • The Anysite Scraper is made for everybody either it is a small company or either it is a large organization or even you are a freelancer! The Web Scraper has a free trial version also so that anyone can afford to have a bite of this most effective online web scraping software, that way they will be able to test the efficiency of this tool. This data scraping tool is made in such a way that the price can be affordable for every user who really needs it.
  • Drive Traffic To Your Business With Right Data

  • You can increase your business traffic by using this business data extractor software. Because, when you have a relevant and active list of emails and phone numbers in your hands then nobody can beat you and your business will definitely boost-up.

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