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Why Yellow Pages Directories are So Important for B2B Leads?

To expand any business you need to boost sales. If you can sell your products or services, you’ll stay in business, and if you fail to sell then you are out of business, having a great sales team helps enormously but every sale starts with one thing….leads.
If you are looking to extract the business contact leads you need yellow pages, Yellow pages are a business directory full of valuable business information, millions of businesses registered on yellow pages from different countries. You can search business details like Business title, Telephone, Email, Addresses, and many more by simple research of business niche or keywords.

How to extract yellow pages data for a marketing campaign?

By knowing the contact details of your potential clients who are related to your business, you can build thousands of leads and maintain direct relations with them instead of spending a lot of money on advertisements on social media and other platforms. But the question is here how to extract yellow pages data?
Scrape Yellow Pages Data with Yellowpages Leads Scraper Here you have two options either you can search potential clients leads on yellow pages and build the lead with copy and paste the data because unfortunately there is no any format there on yellow pages to download the data into an excel spreadsheet.
The other way is to use data extraction tools that allow you to scrape data of your required field from the yellow pages automatically and export it into an excel spreadsheet. You can use these data for further marketing campaigns.

What is the best data extraction tool to extract Yellow pages data?

There are many data scraping tools but choosing the best data extraction tools might be difficult because many tools are required some skills to operate them, but if you are looking for a tool that is easy to use and can extract the data with some simple clicks and crawl all pages from yellow pages then Yellowpages Leads Scraper is the best option for you.
As it is free to download and install you cannot extract the data free of cost in its free version, in the premium version, it will allow you to export data into excel spreadsheet. By using Yellowpages Leads Scraper you can scrape the following business data from yellow pages: Business Titles
Website links
Email Addresses
These are some field’s data that you can scrape from yellow pages but if you are looking to scrape the data from the specific field and not interested in other fields, you can apply the filter as well before extraction of data, like you are interested in scraping emails it will work as yellow pages email extractor that will only extract emails from yellow pages with its customization feature.

Top Benefits of Yellowpages Leads Scraper

  • Extract contact details and start email and telemarketing of your business.
  • Build your business leads by maintaining direct relations with potential customers.
  • Get a High Return on investment by scraping business leads.
  • Export all data into an excel spreadsheet or CSV form.
  • Make money by selling leads to telemarketers.
  • Main Features of Yellowpages Leads Scraper

  • Having desktop Application with Chrome browser
  • apply the filters in data fields, location, and keywords.
  • Recover unsaved data automatically,
  • support on X path bases.
  • Yellowpages Scraper supports different countries’ yellow page directories like the USA, Canada, Australia, India, and New Zealand. You don’t have to buy the license for each country’s website because it can extract the data from all these countries’ websites.

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