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How to Scrape the data from Anywho site and what is the best web scraping

software to scrape the data from other public directories sites.
Anywhoo is a public directory website, it is a free website to search people by their names and phone number in the USA, you can find people data like Names, phone numbers, Addresses, age, from this website, It is totally free to use, Marketers use this website to get data from the website for marketing purposes, this website also tells the age of people, if your product or services are for the specific age group of people than this could help to target specific age group.
You can copy and paste the data from this website but it will take a lot of time and probably will not effective method, while starting a marketing campaign you need data in bulk, if you will keep spending time to copy and paste the data you will decrease the productivity of your business.
Professional businessmen and big companies are using data scraping software, this software’s are not made only for big businesses, and small businesses can also use this software and grow their sales.
How to scrape data from Anywho site using Best web Scraper

What is a Web Scraper?

Web Scrapers are the data extraction software that extracts the data from a website and allows the users to save it into structured forms like excel spreadsheets or CSV forms. These scrapers automatically copy and paste the data just like a human and will keep crawling all the pages from the website which is targeted. There are many web scrapers are available in the market but you have to choose a web scraper wisely according to your requirement.

Best Web Scraper to scrape data from Anywho site

There are many Web scrapers available in the market but you have to understand your requirement, if you will need a web scraper only for one website you can take a prebuilt web scraper, these web scrapers are made for only one website and limited to scraper data from that website.
My recommendation is Anywho Data Scraper if you are looking for a prebuilt Web scraper because it is very easy to use and extract the data like Names, Phone number, Physical address, and age of people registered on the anywho website in few clicks.

How to Scrape Data using Anywho Data Scraper

Anywho Data Scraper is a project script of Anysite Scraper, you can download this software, there are many prebuilt scrapers available in this software, you can follow the following instruction after downloading this software, · Search Anywho Scraper in Paid Search Bar of the Software. · Click on the Run Extractor button. · Then click on the Search button after putting any name in the website. Now the software will start extracting the data from the website. When the extraction process is completed you can save this data into an excel spreadsheet or CSV form.

How to Scrape Data from Multiple Websites

When your business is already running in that cases many people want to scrape the data from multiple websites from where they can collect the leads, For example, anywho is not the only public directory in the USA, there are many other websites like Yellow pages, White pages, yell, yelp, etc. If you will keep buying prebuilt scrapers for each website this will cost u a lot but still limited for some websites.
In this case, Anysite Scraper is a Software that is very powerful and reliable software. Anysite Scraper as explained by its name, this software can extract the data from all websites, by using this software you can create a project script for any website, Anywho Data Scraper is also a project script of Anysite Scraper, you can create project scripts for any website, you may find many sample projects and video tutorial on the website that will help you to create a scraper for any website.

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