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How Web Scraping Is Useful For Business Growth?

Web scraping, also referred to as web extraction, is just retrieving data from different websites and compiling data. Scraping can either be done manually or with web scraping software; however, it works efficiently and saves time. With many technological advancements, the software is taking over the ventures of web scraping. A web scraper is beneficial in many fields, but the most important among them is business growth.
With the assistance of web scrapers, you'll improve your business’s growth on many fronts, and modern technology gives you many solid reasons why you ought to use web scraping. You'll generate more leads for your business, you'll connect with new customers, you'll get your competitor data, you'll enhance your SEO activities, you'll get anyone’s telephone number or email address and far more benefits consistent with your needs.

What Are The Best Automated Web Scraping Tools To Acquire Data Without Any Coding?

Web data scraping tools are also known as Web harvesting tools, Screen scraping tools, Data mining tools, or Web data extraction tools. Web Scrapers use advanced web scraping technology to extract useful information from the websites. These tools assist you to gather huge data from the websites on an outsized scale seamlessly.
These tools allow us to download data in the usable formats of Excel, CSV, or XML. If you are looking for the best web data scraping tools then you are in the right place. Here, is a curated list of the best Web Scraping Tools and Software.
Best Web Scraping Tools To Acquire Data Without Coding
  • 1. Google Maps Data Extractor

  • Google Maps Scraper is the best Google Map Extracting tool. It allows you to extract data from Google Maps without coding and turn business listings into structured data within clicks.


    Find any business by name, address, category, and location.
    Scrape Google Maps data with a simple point and click. No coding needed.
    Collect huge amounts of business leads data from Google Maps without being blocked.
    Schedule tasks to scrape business data at any specific time, hourly, daily, weekly…
    Scrape business reviews, phone numbers, website links, address, hours, and much more.
    Download scraped data as CSV, Excel, or save to databases.
  • 2. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

  • Cute Web Phone number extractor scraper is specially designed to scrape phone numbers from multiple websites for telemarketing and SMS marketing campaigns. You can get real and valid phone number lists from different search engines for more than 195 countries by using this mobile number extractor. .


    Easy to use
    No coding required
    Keywords-based research
    Extract phone numbers from a list of URLs
    Find anyone’s phone number name by name
    Find anyone’s mobile number by company codes
    Find phone numbers by zip codes
  • 3. Cute Web Email Extractor

  • This email extractor software is specially designed to collect email databases in bulk quantity for email marketing. You can email address lists for any country, any industry, any category, and any person by using this email scraper tool.


    Save time copying & pasting. Never write code again
    Collect millions of emails in minutes for email marketing
    Find emails by name, country code, city code, and area code
    Download scraped data in CVS, Excel, or text files for later use.
  • 4. Top Lead Extractor

  • Top Lead Extractor is the combination of email scraper and phone scraper as it can scrape emails and phone numbers from websites without any programming knowledge. So, it is a great tool to collect data for email marketing, telemarketing, and SMS marketing.


    Email address extraction
    Phone number extraction
    Skype ID Extraction
    Messenger ID extraction
    Support CSV, Excel, and Text file to save data

    Final Thoughts

    A new or an existing business both can level up its sales with web scraping tools. You can collect a huge amount of data from the world's famous websites by using these data collection tools.

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