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You always need quality leads for your business development and growth whether it is online or offline. Without leads, you cannot be successful in growing your business into a big and profitable firm. Leads are important to grow business clients and to reach prospects for a sale or new partnership. You can grow business leads with many marketing tactics like Digital Marketing, Seo, landing PAGE, and social media. From these marketing tactics, social media plays an important role in generating quality leads. Important social marketing sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and vk. But according to leads experts, LinkedIn has much importance among others.

Why LinkedIn is Important for Lead Generation?

Businesses say, having more leads are not important but the quality and targeted leads make a difference. LinkedIn has more visibility as compared to another social network; LinkedIn offers you an opportunity to engage directly with your targeted prospects. LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking platform with more than 400 million profiles around the globe. It is a proven fact that LinkedIn is the best place where we can search and extract the best quality B2B Leads. According to LinkedIn Leads Experts, You cannot extract leads from LinkedIn manually, for this you need LinkedIn Leads data scrapers to get targeted leads and saving valuable time.

How Can You Generate and Extract B2B Leads Data from LinkedIn?

With a huge profile volume, LinkedIn is the best and most popular social networking platform, extraction of targeted leads from LinkedIn is complicated and tricky. You need some third-party tool to extract the leads. LinkedIn Company Extractor has made it very easy for you to extract b2b leads from LinkedIn according to your business needs. LinkedIn Company Extractor will help you to extract the best quality b2b leads automatically and in a professional way. It will extract unique and authentic B2B leads.

This software can extract company’s profile information data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. By using LinkedIn Company Extractor you can extract companies and LinkedIn profiles data such as Business Contact information (emails, phone numbers available on Google), Company Followers, official sites links, Year founded, Industry types, products type, business Address, Country name, and Business Names, etc.

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