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Why Are Yellow Pages So Important To Generate Leads And Sales For Any Business?

Yellow Pages are one of the most popular directories on the Internet which provides a great view of your online business and facilitates the process of finding new customers, as well as increasing sales opportunities and creating leads. If you are looking for a business or company, your first instinct should do a Google search instead of consulting directories online or offline, if so, why are the yellow pages so popular if no one has used them before? The point is that Google uses the yellow pages to “verify” businesses/companies for local search.
Your local listing on Google Maps, Yahoo, and Bing Local is used to indicate that you are the person you claim to be. Now, it makes sense for companies to get them to include them in the yellow pages. For this reason, it is not uncommon for web scrapers to be asked to crawl these pages and provide structured and useful information to customers. According to Yellow Pages Company, there are approximately 20 million listed companies and 80 million users visit the Yellow Pages every month. Therefore, you can imagine a lot of customer data is available on the yellow pages to make more sales.

How Can You Collect The Business Owner Details or B2B Leads Data From Yellow Pages Website?

Yellow pages are a very important source of online business and business directories. As a business owner today, you understand the importance of b2b leads for your business growth. While collecting customer data or owner data from the yellow pages can be a very important step to ensure the longevity of your business and the development of your business growth.
With a huge repository of businesses and company details, Yellow Page is a directory that contains a huge collection of data. If this data is used skillfully, you can help you in several ways to boost your business. Business Information collected by Yellow Pages Extractor will help you with sales, purchases, and marketing. With the help of the Yellow Pages Scraper, you will always be kept informed of potential sellers, audiences, and competitors in the market.

Now Scraping Yellow Pages Has Become Easy Like Never Before With Yellow Pages Extractor!

When it comes to scraping yellow page directories, the function of getting timely and organized information at your disposal in a usable format is extremely important. Those who have attempted to collect information/content/analysis from various sources without using web scraping tools, and then later try to organize them in a separate directory, will understand what a huge task it is, besides being very time consuming also very boring and prehistoric times.
A simple example: If you try to do a basic search for a company in the yellow pages, it will most likely display a list with the company name, phone, address, email directions and map, right? Now imagine every company has a separate directory page where that list is displayed and in order to keep that information, you need to go back and forth in the pages and copy/paste everything you see on the Yellow Pages profile! Now, wouldn't it just be magical to complete it within two hours in an easy-to-read format (like CSV, Excel and TXT)? The answer is yes, and there is a name for this magic - Yellow Pages Extractor.
 Scrap Business Owner Details From Yellow Pages

What Data Can Yellow Pages Scrap Extractor?

The business owner name and details
Phone number/mobile number/fax number
Business page
Website link
Google maps link
Working hours
Ratings and reviews
State, City, Street name
Postal code
Yellow Pages Profile URL
And more (depending on your goal)

Some Important Key Features of the Yellow Pages Extractor

  • Scraping Business Leads Information: The scraper aims to obtain targeted business information and contact details as per the required specific location.
  • Keyword-Based Information Extraction: You can find any business/company or owner/employee details by entering your keywords.
  • Email Scraping: Extract and store email address in required formats like CSV, Excel and text files.
  • Filtering Option: Filtering specific information from disorganized and unstructured data. You will only get the required data and duplicate data will be deleted automatically with filter options.
  • Scraping GEO Map Link: You can get Google Maps link from the yellow pages list for a perfect business location.
  • Supported Countries: You can scrape the Yellow Pages websites from different countries like Yellow Pages USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, India and many more.
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