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Like any SEO tool, Google Maps will help you get high search engine visibility, and thus get better results. It is equally effective for a freshly graduate searching for a job or a company looking for leads of their field of interest. It includes company’s details such as new opportunity, business type, locations, contact information as well as driving directions. It's easy; you can set up your Business on Google Maps.
 extract data from Google Maps?
Following are some benefits of Using Google map for a business listing
  • 1. Google Maps Description with Important Keywords
  • This description can also be called Meta. You will only be allowed to describe your work in a 200-character paragraph. Just like the name sounds, you should describe your business with important keywords that can help researchers find your work without difficulty.
  • 2. You can add Detailed Contact Information
  • This is where you put your up to date and detailed information about your workplace. This helps people locate you easily. In case of moving locations, you should start the process of updating your Google Map in advance because you do not want to have Google Maps with details about the same.
  • 3. You can add Images and / or Video
  • An image speak well of you. In Google Lists, you'll find an option to upload photos or videos. Although it doesn't help rank your SEO, this is fine because it explains itself. Researchers tend to attract more lists of images, and who knows, some of them may be potential customers.
  • 4. You can submit your Completed Listings
  • After all is said and done, you should validate your listing information and then send it. Google Maps will ask you to verify your data by phone or postcard. Your Google Maps listings will then appear immediately and begin appearing in search results.
    What is the benefit for your business to extract leads data from Google Map? Now I would like to say that you can grow your business leads and can improve your online business listings with Google Maps. If you want to extract leads from Google map specifically with specific country then it can surely boost your sales revenue. Google Maps is a powerful online source for boosting b2b leads for your company or products. Google Maps is one of the most trusted online resources in business listings that’s the reason millions of service providers are listing their businesses.

    Generate business leads by extracting b2b leads from Google Map with Google Map Extractor

    If you want to grow your business rapidly or wants to get more leads and sales quickly then you should use software/tools that can extract/scrape data from Google Maps automatically. You cannot extract b2b leads data from Google Maps listing manually because it takes so much time.
    It is almost impossible for you to get all listing details data manually for your desired keywords but I suggest you Google Map Extractor software it can extract leads detail such as (Contact Number, Address, and Business Details) for your business keywords automatically. This software can help you to extract more b2b leads and by using these leads data you can boost your sales revenues. Optimizing your business marketing tactics with Google Maps will surely help you to get high visibility for your business products, so you get better results.

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