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LinkedIn is the foremost social networking app with about 875 million users. When setting up your LinkedIn account, you are requested to add your email address alongside your personal information . Several reasons and scenarios would require you to find the email addresses of LinkedIn users through their page.

Reasons For Finding Emails On LinkedIn

Sometimes, you meet people on LinkedIn and become acquainted after a while; you can decide to move the relationship or conversation to a more formal medium. Other times, you see a product on a LinkedIn company page and want to buy this product.
Again, you decided to copy the emails of relevant users from LinkedIn for marketing. As an email marketer , it could be that you are looking for individual pages or profiles that might be interested in your product and services. You might also create an email marketing list or subscriber list and decide to check for leads on LinkedIn.
Other times, with email, leads you may engage people with whom you share the same market or niche and might want to bring them on board. Again, it could be for collaboration or partnership, and reaching them via email list is relatively more formal.
In some instances, you see industry players, your role models, or experts in your field on LinkedIn and would like to keep a professional relationship with them. You can copy their email from their LinkedIn profile and send them a formal introduction via mail.
These are a few of the reasons and scenarios that will prompt you to find an email address from LinkedIn.
Find And Extract Email Addresses From LinkedIn In Minutes

How Do You Find Email Addresses From LinkedIn?

There are several ways you can find email addresses on LinkedIn. In this article, we shall be looking at the two most effective ways. They are the use of LinkedIn email finder tools and the manual way;

The Use Of The LinkedIn Email Finder Tool

The best way to find an email address is to use a third-party LinkedIn email finder tool such as LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor . Going through LinkedIn user profiles one by one is quite tedious, especially when you're creating an email address list. To save yourself from stress and labor work, it is best to use the LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper.
The LinkedIn Scraping tool automatically crawls through millions of LinkedIn user accounts and scrapes their emails if you have installed the LinkedIn Employees Scraper on your desktop.
The LinkedIn Data Scraper ensures that the email addresses are valid and relevant to your search query. Another feature of the LinkedIn Email Scraper tool is the extraction and verification of emails.
Some email users keep a private LinkedIn account whereby their personal details such as email and phone number are kept away from the public. So no matter the number of times you check their LinkedIn profile, you won't see these details.
Using a sophisticated tool like LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor will extract those details and help verify their validity. Sometimes, you might be targeting a company's staff email addresses. It will take you a lot of time and effort to get their email address manually from LinkedIn. It is advisable to use the LinkedIn email finder tool to find bulk email addresses from LinkedIn.
If you are looking forward to creating and managing an email list generated from LinkedIn, you can use LinkedIn Recruiter Profile Scraper . LinkedIn Extractor not only scrapes emails but also phone numbers, social media links, reviews, ratings, skills, experience, and much more from LinkedIn profiles.
Sometimes, people change their email or update their personal information on their LinkedIn profiles. The LinkedIn Contact Extractor software automatically updates this information on your database.

The Manual Way

The manual way of finding email addresses from LinkedIn is relatively easy, but you can only search for a LinkedIn profile at a time. The first method is to go directly to their LinkedIn account, scroll to their profile, and check for their email address under "contact and basic information" in the "About" tab.
Another manual way is to use the "find person feature" on LinkedIn. You can type this URL on your browser
Copy and paste the person's username on the login box displayed on this page LinkedIn will display their email address. The two-manual ways do not always give accurate email addresses; sometimes, it doesn't show any email address on the user's profile.

What Is The Best LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor Software?

If you are looking for a web scraper for LinkedIn that can scrape data from LinkedIn profiles, groups, pages for emails, and phone numbers then luckily you found it. LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper lets you download the required data on LinkedIn and export it in a format that is useful for businesses.
When someone wishes to collect data from LinkedIn in bulk, doing the job manually can demand a lot of time and energy.
So, a LinkedIn Email Extractor is required there as it can find and scrape data from LinkedIn automatically. Also, the data is collected in a structured format from LinkedIn so that users can use it easily.
LinkedIn Email Extractor is capable of extracting information from different LinkedIn profiles, pages, and groups. So, It is indeed a useful data scraping tool when the work is related to downloading or scraping data from LinkedIn in an ordered way.
LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor extracts all the important data from a LinkedIn profile, group, and pages such as First name, last name, email, phone number, gender, work history, skills, education, birth dates, languages known to the user, number of connection, website links, social media links, interest groups, and religion.
You can get all extracted LinkedIn data in CSV and Excel formats to use easily. The best part of the LinkedIn Crawler is that you can scrape data from LinkedIn for any country, category, and keywords.


The best way to find and get email addresses from LinkedIn is to use the LinkedIn lead generation tools app such as LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor. However, you are likely to keep searching LinkedIn and not find the email address using the manual method. The benefit of using LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper is numerous and far outweighs the manual search method.

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