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Why Use LinkedIn For Data Collection?

LinkedIn's social networking site is one of the most important websites for getting fresh organic leads online. 70% of marketers use LinkedIn for data collection because LinkedIn is a trusted platform for real data. There was a time when people searched Facebook to find customers. You have to add your business on LinkedIn to grow your sales as there are already more than 55 million businesses registered on LinkedIn.

How To Scrape LinkedIn Social Media Site?

I am sure you are looking for new clients, candidates, or business contact details from LinkedIn for your business. I know how hard and expensive the process is to find the best sources to get these LinkedIn leads and then try to filter your list before starting contacting them by email or phone calls. But Now You can do this all process automatically with a single click of a button.
LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor is a smart and reliable web scraper tool that finds data from the most popular social media website LinkedIn and extracts important information like username, address, phone number, email address, skills, experience, social media links, website link, and much more.

How Does LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor Scrape LinkedIn Data?

You simply have to add your keywords in the search bar of the LinkedIn scraperand it will find all the people from LinkedIn according to your given keywords in a few minutes. You can also find a person on LinkedIn by location, zip code, and category. After searching, you have to select the LinkedIn search results and then press the start data extraction from LinkedIn.
The Best Tool To Scrape Data From Social Media Site LinkedIn The LinkedIn Contact Extractor will extract all these search results from LinkedIn in a few minutes. After data extraction from LinkedIn, you can export the extracted LinkedIn data in CVS, Excel, or Text files by pressing the export option button. By applying these simple steps, you can easily scrape LinkedIn data and you don’t need to learn any programming knowledge to use this LinkedIn Data Scraper.
LinkedIn Profile Scraper can be installed on Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Win8, and Win10. LinkedIn Data Extractor has a file size of 3.3 MB and is available for download from our website Ahmad Software Technologies. Just download the software from our website and start collecting data from LinkedIn without any coding.

What Are The Benefits And Features Of LinkedIn Data Extractor?

LinkedIn Extractor helps you extract data from any location through LinkedIn. It’s designed to make LinkedIn scraping a completely effortless exercise. LinkedIn Crawler requires no coding, simply point, and click on the LinkedIn profile of interest, and LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper will extract them into your database.
  • Fastest LinkedIn Scraper to scrape data from thousands of LinkedIn Recruiter profiles.
  • You can scrape data from all kinds of businesses by using this LinkedIn Crawler.
  • Scrape data fields like candidate name, skills, city, state, zip Code, email, phone Number, fax number, website link, social media links, first Name, last Name, and many more…
  • The LinkedIn scraping tool supports many formats to save the extracted LinkedIn data such as Excel, CSV, and Text files.
  • The LinkedIn Lead Generation tool IP Blocks with multiple proxy features. Scrape data from LinkedIn anonymously, and without getting blocked.
  • Use-friendly and coding-free LinkedIn scraping tool.
  • Compatible with Microsoft XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10 and Net Framework v4.5.2 or later.

Final Words

You can scrape profile data from LinkedIn with the help of this LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor and you can use this data for various different purposes such as recruiting, marketing, and selling.
This LinkedIn email finder tool is used by millions of people, recruiters, marketers, and business firms who are looking to fetch quick information about a person or business from LinkedIn. The extracted LinkedIn data can then be integrated into the business to achieve future business goals and objectives.

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