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With more than 15 million members, XING is the leading online business network for professional communication in Australia and German-speaking countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. XING has the advantage of providing local news and career information.
Since XING is committed to the timely collection, storage, and processing of high-quality data, it is necessary for the company to successfully integrate multiple data sources into XING systems
. But XING has legacy systems that required writing their own data integrity, which in turn made it difficult to see where records were created. File formats also presented a challenge as the data was in Apache Avro format, which is not supported by traditional data processing tools. If you want to extract information from the Xing website to grow your business .

Why is Xing so important for marketing, sales, and sales in German-speaking countries?

Depending on your marketing, sales, and strategic hiring goals, incorporating professional social media into your goals can be a useful strategy. XING is the leading social network for business people in German-speaking countries. The company was founded in August 2003 in Hamburg, Germany. The main purpose of XING is for business people to find jobs, companies, and recruiters to find employees.
Why is Xing important for growing a business?

How to scrape companies and memberships from Xing

Xing is more popular in European countries. It has a similar concept to LinkedIn for other brands. If you want to scrape the leadership of companies. Xing Leads Scraper is a script for the United Lead Scraper project that allows you to retrieve member profiles and company details from Xing. Xing Scraper is able to retrieve as many profiles as Xing Premium allows you to retrieve up to 5,000 profiles per month.
Xing Lead Extractor can extract names, messages, phone numbers, faxes, and a number of associations. Xing Extractor is one of the best tools to get Xing data according to your needs. Xing is a European social networking site for business professionals. Xing Leads Scraper is a United Lead Scraper software project that scrapes company and member profiles on xing.
The software extracts data such as business title, personal name, email address, website link, phone number, location, education, designation status, etc.
The extracted information is in Excel, CSV, and txt format keep it there. Xing Scraper enables you to scrape as many profiles as possible, just as Xing Premium allows you to scrape up to 5000 profiles per month.
xing Lead Extractor scrapes xing's Name, Information, Phone, Fax, Number of Clubs, Profession, Job Title, Degree, Company Profile, Address, Industry, Director, Interests, and Knowledge.

Extract specific details from Xing with the Xing Lead Extractor software

Xing Leads Scraper is the best and most effective data scraping tool for entrepreneurs to get vital information that can help them grow their business and increase their sales. Within seconds you get relevant information for all relevant candidates.

Check out the list of information you can get with Xing Lead Extractor:

    Set up your profile
    Business and personal email addresses
    Office phone / mobile phone / phone number
    Fax number
    Name of the place
    First name
    Small quotes
    Profile URL
    Postal code
Xing Company Profile ID, Company Name, Company Size, Company Email, Company Phone, Company Fax, Company Address, Company Manager, Xing Manager ID, Company Employees, Interests, Qualifications, etc. for business growth.

What are the advantages of the Xing Lead Extractor software?

    The Xing Lead Extractor Tool is easy to use and will help you get accurate results .
  • There is the possibility to remove certain information of all kinds such as email addresses, telephone numbers, and message IDs from the Xing website.
  • The extracted reports are saved in Excel, CSV, and Text format, which can be easily opened for further analysis.
  • Provides filtered search results to omit the data that doesn't match the desired keywords or phrases.
  • Xing Leads Scraper Software provides high-speed navigation and multi-stage processing.
  • Compatible with almost all operating systems and supports NET Framework 4.0
  • It makes the task easier as there is an instrument panel screen.

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